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never@2126 1 This is a very rough tool for parsing -XX:+LogCompilation output.
never@2126 2 It's main purpose is to recreate output similar to
never@2126 3 -XX:+PrintCompilation -XX:+PrintInlining output from a debug JVM. It
never@2126 4 requires a 1.5 JDK to build and simply typing make should build it.
never@2126 5
never@2126 6 It produces a jar file, logc.jar, that can be run on the
vlivanov@20010 7 HotSpot log (by default, hotspot_pid{pid}.log) from LogCompilation output like this:
never@2126 8
vlivanov@20010 9 java -jar logc.jar hotspot_pid1234.log
never@2126 10
never@2126 11 This will produce something like the normal PrintCompilation output.
never@2126 12 Adding the -i option with also report inlining like PrintInlining.
never@2126 13
vlivanov@20010 14 More information about the LogCompilation output can be found at
never@2126 15
kvn@46763 16
kvn@46763 17
kvn@46763 18
ecaspole@48386 19
ecaspole@48386 20 The project layout is now for Maven. To build the project with Maven do:
ecaspole@48386 21
ecaspole@48386 22 mvn clean install
ecaspole@48386 23
ecaspole@48386 24 The build also copies the resulting target jar to ./logc.jar for easy
ecaspole@48386 25 interop with the Makefile build.