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jjg@56522 24 .TH "JSTACK" "1" "2018" "JDK 13" "JDK Commands"
jjg@56522 25 .hy
jjg@56522 26 .SH NAME
rgallard@21743 27 .PP
jjg@56522 28 jstack \- print Java stack traces of Java threads for a specified Java
jjg@56522 29 process
jjg@56522 30 .SH SYNOPSIS
jjg@56522 31 .PP
jjg@56522 32 \f[B]Note:\f[R] This command is experimental\ and unsupported.
jjg@56522 33 .PP
jjg@56522 34 \f[CB]jstack\f[R] [\f[I]options\f[R]] \f[I]pid\f[R]
rgallard@21743 35 .TP
jjg@56522 36 .B \f[I]options\f[R]
jjg@56522 37 This represents the \f[CB]jstack\f[R] command\-line options.
jjg@56522 38 See \f[B]Options for the jstack Command\f[R].
jjg@56522 39 .RS
jjg@56522 40 .RE
rgallard@21743 41 .TP
jjg@56522 42 .B \f[I]pid\f[R]
jjg@56522 43 The process ID for which the stack trace is printed.
jjg@56522 44 The process must be a Java process.
jjg@56522 45 To get a list of Java processes running on a machine, use either the
jjg@56522 46 \f[CB]ps\f[R] command or, if the JVM processes are not running in a
jjg@56522 47 separate docker instance, the \f[B]jps\f[R] command.
jjg@56522 48 .RS
jjg@56522 49 .PP
jjg@56522 50 \f[B]Note:\f[R] JDK 10 has added support for using the Attach API when
jjg@56522 51 attaching to Java processes running in a separate docker process.
jjg@56522 52 However, the \f[CB]jps\f[R] command will not list the JVM processes that
jjg@56522 53 are running in a separate docker instance.
jjg@56522 54 If you are trying to connect a Linux host with a Virtual Machine that is
jjg@56522 55 in a docker container, you must use tools such as \f[CB]ps\f[R] to look up
jjg@56522 56 the PID of the JVM.
jjg@56522 57 .RE
jjg@56522 58 .SH DESCRIPTION
jjg@56522 59 .PP
jjg@56522 60 The \f[CB]jstack\f[R] command prints Java stack traces of Java threads for
jjg@56522 61 a specified Java process.
jjg@56522 62 For each Java frame, the full class name, method name, byte code index
jjg@56522 63 (BCI), and line number, when available, are printed.
jjg@56522 64 C++ mangled names aren\[aq]t demangled.
jjg@56522 65 To demangle C++ names, the output of this command can be piped to
jjg@56522 66 \f[CB]c++filt\f[R].
jjg@56522 67 When the specified process is running on a 64\-bit JVM, you might need
jjg@56522 68 to specify the \f[CB]\-J\-d64\f[R] option, for example:
jjg@56522 69 \f[CB]jstack\ \-J\-d64\f[R] \f[I]pid\f[R].
jjg@56522 70 .PP
jjg@56522 71 \f[B]Note:\f[R]
jjg@56522 72 .PP
jjg@56522 73 This command is unsupported and might not be available in future
jjg@56522 74 releases of the JDK.
jjg@56522 75 In Windows Systems where the \f[CB]dbgeng.dll\f[R] file isn\[aq]t present,
jjg@56522 76 the Debugging Tools for Windows must be installed so that these tools
jjg@56522 77 work.
jjg@56522 78 The \f[CB]PATH\f[R] environment variable needs to contain the location of
jjg@56522 79 the \f[CB]jvm.dll\f[R] that is used by the target process, or the location
jjg@56522 80 from which the core dump file was produced.
rgallard@21743 82 .TP
jjg@56522 83 .B \f[CB]\-l\f[R]
jjg@56522 84 The long listing option prints additional information about locks.
jjg@56522 85 .RS
jjg@56522 86 .RE
rgallard@21743 87 .TP
jjg@56522 88 .B \f[CB]\-h\f[R] or \f[CB]\-help\f[R]
jjg@56522 89 Prints a help message.
jjg@56522 90 .RS
mfang@31876 91 .RE