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1 The HotSpot Serviceability Agent (SA) is a debugger for hotspot core
2 dumps and hung processes. There is a read-only JDI (Java Debugger
3 Interface) implementation on top of SA. This is part of JDK product and
4 the classes are in $JDK/tools/sa-jdi.jar.
6 In addition, there are few serviceability tools in $JDK/bin, namely,
7 jstack (java stack trace tool), jmap (heap tool), jinfo (Java config
8 tool) and jsadebugd. The classes for these are also in sa-jdi.jar
9 file. sa-jdi.jar file is built along with hotspot ( on Solaris
10 and Linux platforms. On Windows platform, SA-JDI is not included and
11 serviceability tools do not use SA.
13 Apart from these, HotSpot SA consists of a number of tools that are
14 *not* included in JDK product bits.
16 The sources and makefile for all-of-SA (including non-productized stuff)
17 are under $HOTSPOT_WS/agent directory. The makefile $HOTSPOT/agent/make
18 directory and shell scripts (and batch files) are used to build and run
19 SA non-product tools. There is also documentation of SA under
20 $HOTSPOT/agent/doc directory.
22 To build complete SA, you need to have Rhino Mozilla jar (js.jar)
23 version 1.5R5 under $HOTSPOT/agent/src/share/lib directory. Rhino is
24 JavaScript interpreter written in Java. Rhino is used to implement SA
25 features such as
27 * SA command line debugger's JavaScript interface
28 - refer to $HOTSPOT/agent/doc/clhsdb.html
29 - refer to $HOTSPOT/agent/doc/jsdb.html
30 * SA simple object query language (SOQL)
31 - language to query Java heap.
33 Rhino's "js.jar" is not included in hotspot source bundles. You need to
34 download it from
36 Without js.jar, $HOTSPOT/agent/make/Makefile will fail to build. But,
37 note that sa-jdi.jar containing the productized portions of SA will
38 still be built when you build hotspot JVM.