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8057795: Update of the mimestypes.default for JAF Reviewed-by: bpb
author lancea
date Tue, 07 Feb 2017 15:46:55 -0500
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# A simple, old format, mime.types file
text/html		html htm HTML HTM
text/plain		txt text TXT TEXT
image/gif		gif GIF
image/ief		ief
image/jpeg		jpeg jpg jpe JPG
image/tiff		tiff tif
image/png		png PNG
image/x-xwindowdump	xwd
application/postscript	ai eps ps
application/rtf		rtf
application/x-tex	tex
application/x-texinfo	texinfo texi
application/x-troff	t tr roff
audio/basic		au
audio/midi		midi mid
audio/x-aifc		aifc
audio/x-aiff            aif aiff
audio/x-mpeg		mpeg mpg
audio/x-wav             wav
video/mpeg		mpeg mpg mpe
video/quicktime		qt mov
video/x-msvideo		avi