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#include "compiler/abstractCompiler.hpp"

class C2Compiler : public AbstractCompiler {
  static bool init_c2_runtime();

  C2Compiler() : AbstractCompiler(compiler_c2) {}

  // Name
  const char *name() { return "C2"; }
  void initialize();

  // Compilation entry point for methods
  void compile_method(ciEnv* env,
                      ciMethod* target,
                      int entry_bci,
                      DirectiveSet* directive);

  // sentinel value used to trigger backtracking in compile_method().
  static const char* retry_no_subsuming_loads();
  static const char* retry_no_escape_analysis();
  static const char* retry_class_loading_during_parsing();

  // Print compilation timers and statistics
  void print_timers();

  // Return true if the intrinsification of a method supported by the compiler
  // assuming a non-virtual dispatch. (A virtual dispatch is
  // possible for only a limited set of available intrinsics whereas
  // a non-virtual dispatch is possible for all available intrinsics.)
  // Return false otherwise.
  virtual bool is_intrinsic_supported(const methodHandle& method) {
    return is_intrinsic_supported(method, false);

  // Check if the compiler supports an intrinsic for 'method' given the
  // the dispatch mode specified by the 'is_virtual' parameter.
  virtual bool is_intrinsic_supported(const methodHandle& method, bool is_virtual);

  // Initial size of the code buffer (may be increased at runtime)
  static int initial_code_buffer_size();