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8210829: Modularize allocations in C2 Reviewed-by: kvn, roland
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#include "precompiled.hpp"
#include "memory/allocation.inline.hpp"
#include "opto/addnode.hpp"
#include "opto/compile.hpp"
#include "opto/connode.hpp"
#include "opto/machnode.hpp"
#include "opto/matcher.hpp"
#include "opto/memnode.hpp"
#include "opto/phaseX.hpp"
#include "opto/subnode.hpp"
#include "runtime/sharedRuntime.hpp"

// Optimization - Graph Style

uint ConNode::hash() const {
  return (uintptr_t)in(TypeFunc::Control) + _type->hash();

ConNode *ConNode::make(const Type *t) {
  switch( t->basic_type() ) {
  case T_INT:         return new ConINode( t->is_int() );
  case T_LONG:        return new ConLNode( t->is_long() );
  case T_FLOAT:       return new ConFNode( t->is_float_constant() );
  case T_DOUBLE:      return new ConDNode( t->is_double_constant() );
  case T_VOID:        return new ConNode ( Type::TOP );
  case T_OBJECT:      return new ConPNode( t->is_ptr() );
  case T_ARRAY:       return new ConPNode( t->is_aryptr() );
  case T_ADDRESS:     return new ConPNode( t->is_ptr() );
  case T_NARROWOOP:   return new ConNNode( t->is_narrowoop() );
  case T_NARROWKLASS: return new ConNKlassNode( t->is_narrowklass() );
  case T_METADATA:    return new ConPNode( t->is_ptr() );
    // Expected cases:  TypePtr::NULL_PTR, any is_rawptr()
    // Also seen: AnyPtr(TopPTR *+top); from command line:
    //   r -XX:+PrintOpto -XX:CIStart=285 -XX:+CompileTheWorld -XX:CompileTheWorldStartAt=660
    // %%%% Stop using TypePtr::NULL_PTR to represent nulls:  use either TypeRawPtr::NULL_PTR
    // or else TypeOopPtr::NULL_PTR.  Then set Type::_basic_type[AnyPtr] = T_ILLEGAL
    return NULL;