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#include "memory/allocation.hpp"
#include "utilities/ostream.hpp"

// G1FromCardCache remembers the most recently processed card on the heap on
// a per-region and per-thread basis.
class G1FromCardCache : public AllStatic {
  // Array of card indices. Indexed by heap region (rows) and thread (columns) to minimize
  // thread contention.
  // This order minimizes the time to clear all entries for a given region during region
  // freeing. I.e. a single clear of a single memory area instead of multiple separate
  // accesses with a large stride per region.
  static int** _cache;
  static uint _max_regions;
  static size_t _static_mem_size;
#ifdef ASSERT
  static uint _max_workers;

  static void check_bounds(uint worker_id, uint region_idx) {
    assert(worker_id < _max_workers, "Worker_id %u is larger than maximum %u", worker_id, _max_workers);
    assert(region_idx < _max_regions, "Region_idx %u is larger than maximum %u", region_idx, _max_regions);

  enum {
    InvalidCard = -1 // Card value of an invalid card, i.e. a card index not otherwise used.

  static void clear(uint region_idx);

  // Returns true if the given card is in the cache at the given location, or
  // replaces the card at that location and returns false.
  static bool contains_or_replace(uint worker_id, uint region_idx, int card) {
    int card_in_cache = at(worker_id, region_idx);
    if (card_in_cache == card) {
      return true;
    } else {
      set(worker_id, region_idx, card);
      return false;

  static int at(uint worker_id, uint region_idx) {
    DEBUG_ONLY(check_bounds(worker_id, region_idx);)
    return _cache[region_idx][worker_id];

  static void set(uint worker_id, uint region_idx, int val) {
    DEBUG_ONLY(check_bounds(worker_id, region_idx);)
    _cache[region_idx][worker_id] = val;

  static void initialize(uint num_par_rem_sets, uint max_num_regions);

  static void invalidate(uint start_idx, size_t num_regions);

  static void print(outputStream* out = tty) PRODUCT_RETURN;

  static size_t static_mem_size() {
    return _static_mem_size;