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#include "precompiled.hpp"
#include "memory/metaspaceClosure.hpp"

// Update the reference to point to new_loc.
void MetaspaceClosure::Ref::update(address new_loc) const {
  log_trace(cds)("Ref: [" PTR_FORMAT "] -> " PTR_FORMAT " => " PTR_FORMAT,
                 p2i(mpp()), p2i(obj()), p2i(new_loc));
  uintx p = (uintx)new_loc;
  p |= flag_bits(); // Make sure the flag bits are copied to the new pointer.
  *(address*)mpp() = (address)p;

void MetaspaceClosure::push_impl(MetaspaceClosure::Ref* ref, Writability w) {
  if (ref->not_null()) {
    bool read_only;
    switch (w) {
    case _writable:
      read_only = false;
    case _not_writable:
      read_only = true;
      assert(w == _default, "must be");
      read_only = ref->is_read_only_by_default();
    if (do_ref(ref, read_only)) { // true means we want to iterate the embedded pointer in <ref>

bool UniqueMetaspaceClosure::do_ref(MetaspaceClosure::Ref* ref, bool read_only) {
  bool* found = _has_been_visited.lookup(ref->obj());
  if (found != NULL) {
    assert(*found == read_only, "must be");
    return false; // Already visited: no need to iterate embedded pointers.
  } else {
    _has_been_visited.add(ref->obj(), read_only);
    if (_has_been_visited.maybe_grow(MAX_TABLE_SIZE)) {
      log_info(cds, hashtables)("Expanded _has_been_visited table to %d", _has_been_visited.table_size());
    do_unique_ref(ref, read_only);
    return true;  // Saw this for the first time: iterate the embedded pointers.