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#include "gc/z/zAllocationFlags.hpp"
#include "gc/z/zList.hpp"
#include "gc/z/zLock.hpp"
#include "gc/z/zPageCache.hpp"
#include "gc/z/zPhysicalMemory.hpp"
#include "gc/z/zPreMappedMemory.hpp"
#include "gc/z/zSafeDelete.hpp"
#include "gc/z/zVirtualMemory.hpp"
#include "memory/allocation.hpp"

class ZPageAllocRequest;

class ZPageAllocator {
  friend class VMStructs;

  ZLock                      _lock;
  ZVirtualMemoryManager      _virtual;
  ZPhysicalMemoryManager     _physical;
  ZPageCache                 _cache;
  const size_t               _max_reserve;
  ZPreMappedMemory           _pre_mapped;
  size_t                     _used_high;
  size_t                     _used_low;
  size_t                     _used;
  size_t                     _allocated;
  ssize_t                    _reclaimed;
  ZList<ZPageAllocRequest>   _queue;
  mutable ZSafeDelete<ZPage> _safe_delete;

  static ZPage* const      gc_marker;

  void increase_used(size_t size, bool relocation);
  void decrease_used(size_t size, bool reclaimed);

  size_t max_available(bool no_reserve) const;
  size_t try_ensure_unused(size_t size, bool no_reserve);
  size_t try_ensure_unused_for_pre_mapped(size_t size);

  ZPage* create_page(uint8_t type, size_t size);
  void destroy_page(ZPage* page);

  void flush_pre_mapped();
  void flush_cache(size_t size);

  void check_out_of_memory_during_initialization();

  ZPage* alloc_page_common_inner(uint8_t type, size_t size, ZAllocationFlags flags);
  ZPage* alloc_page_common(uint8_t type, size_t size, ZAllocationFlags flags);
  ZPage* alloc_page_blocking(uint8_t type, size_t size, ZAllocationFlags flags);
  ZPage* alloc_page_nonblocking(uint8_t type, size_t size, ZAllocationFlags flags);

  void satisfy_alloc_queue();

  void detach_memory(const ZVirtualMemory& vmem, ZPhysicalMemory& pmem);

  ZPageAllocator(size_t min_capacity, size_t max_capacity, size_t max_reserve);

  bool is_initialized() const;

  size_t max_capacity() const;
  size_t current_max_capacity() const;
  size_t capacity() const;
  size_t max_reserve() const;
  size_t used_high() const;
  size_t used_low() const;
  size_t used() const;
  size_t unused() const;
  size_t allocated() const;
  size_t reclaimed() const;

  void reset_statistics();

  ZPage* alloc_page(uint8_t type, size_t size, ZAllocationFlags flags);
  void free_page(ZPage* page, bool reclaimed);

  void enable_deferred_delete() const;
  void disable_deferred_delete() const;

  void map_page(ZPage* page);
  void unmap_all_pages();

  bool is_alloc_stalled() const;
  void check_out_of_memory();