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This is a very rough tool for parsing -XX:+LogCompilation output.
It's main purpose is to recreate output similar to
-XX:+PrintCompilation -XX:+PrintInlining output from a debug JVM.  It
requires a 1.5 JDK to build and simply typing make should build it.

It produces a jar file, logc.jar, that can be run on the
HotSpot log (by default, hotspot_pid{pid}.log) from LogCompilation output like this:

  java -jar logc.jar hotspot_pid1234.log

This will produce something like the normal PrintCompilation output.
Adding the -i option with also report inlining like PrintInlining.

More information about the LogCompilation output can be found at

The project layout is now for Maven. To build the project with Maven do:

  mvn clean install

The build also copies the resulting target jar to ./logc.jar for easy 
interop with the Makefile build.