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8213751: ClassLoaderDataGraph::cld_do() should sometimes require CLDG_lock Summary: Add version of loaded_cld_do for runtime calls. Reviewed-by: eosterlund, rehn
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#include "classfile/classLoaderData.hpp"
#include "memory/allocation.hpp"
#include "utilities/growableArray.hpp"
#include "utilities/macros.hpp"

// GC root for walking class loader data created

class ClassLoaderDataGraph : public AllStatic {
  friend class ClassLoaderData;
  friend class ClassLoaderDataGraphMetaspaceIterator;
  friend class ClassLoaderDataGraphKlassIteratorAtomic;
  friend class ClassLoaderDataGraphKlassIteratorStatic;
  friend class ClassLoaderDataGraphIterator;
  friend class VMStructs;
  // All CLDs (except the null CLD) can be reached by walking _head->_next->...
  static ClassLoaderData* _head;
  static ClassLoaderData* _unloading;
  // CMS support.
  static ClassLoaderData* _saved_head;
  static ClassLoaderData* _saved_unloading;
  static bool _should_purge;

  // Set if there's anything to purge in the deallocate lists or previous versions
  // during a safepoint after class unloading in a full GC.
  static bool _should_clean_deallocate_lists;
  static bool _safepoint_cleanup_needed;

  // OOM has been seen in metaspace allocation. Used to prevent some
  // allocations until class unloading
  static bool _metaspace_oom;

  static volatile size_t  _num_instance_classes;
  static volatile size_t  _num_array_classes;

  static ClassLoaderData* add_to_graph(Handle class_loader, bool is_unsafe_anonymous);
  static ClassLoaderData* add(Handle class_loader, bool is_unsafe_anonymous);

  static ClassLoaderData* find_or_create(Handle class_loader);
  static void clean_module_and_package_info();
  static void purge();
  static void clear_claimed_marks();
  // Iteration through CLDG inside a safepoint; GC support
  static void cld_do(CLDClosure* cl);
  static void cld_unloading_do(CLDClosure* cl);
  static void roots_cld_do(CLDClosure* strong, CLDClosure* weak);
  static void always_strong_cld_do(CLDClosure* cl);
  // Iteration through CLDG not by GC.
  static void loaded_cld_do(CLDClosure* cl);
  // klass do
  // Walking classes through the ClassLoaderDataGraph include array classes.  It also includes
  // classes that are allocated but not loaded, classes that have errors, and scratch classes
  // for redefinition.  These classes are removed during the next class unloading.
  // Walking the ClassLoaderDataGraph also includes unsafe anonymous classes.
  static void classes_do(KlassClosure* klass_closure);
  static void classes_do(void f(Klass* const));
  static void methods_do(void f(Method*));
  static void modules_do(void f(ModuleEntry*));
  static void modules_unloading_do(void f(ModuleEntry*));
  static void packages_do(void f(PackageEntry*));
  static void packages_unloading_do(void f(PackageEntry*));
  static void loaded_classes_do(KlassClosure* klass_closure);
  static void unlocked_loaded_classes_do(KlassClosure* klass_closure);
  static void classes_unloading_do(void f(Klass* const));
  static bool do_unloading();

  // Expose state to avoid logging overhead in safepoint cleanup tasks.
  static inline bool should_clean_metaspaces_and_reset();
  static void set_should_clean_deallocate_lists() { _should_clean_deallocate_lists = true; }
  static void clean_deallocate_lists(bool purge_previous_versions);
  static void walk_metadata_and_clean_metaspaces();

  // dictionary do
  // Iterate over all klasses in dictionary, but
  // just the classes from defining class loaders.
  static void dictionary_classes_do(void f(InstanceKlass*));
  // Added for initialize_itable_for_klass to handle exceptions.
  static void dictionary_classes_do(void f(InstanceKlass*, TRAPS), TRAPS);

  // VM_CounterDecay iteration support
  static InstanceKlass* try_get_next_class();
  static void adjust_saved_class(ClassLoaderData* cld);
  static void adjust_saved_class(Klass* klass);

  static void verify_dictionary();
  static void print_dictionary(outputStream* st);
  static void print_dictionary_statistics(outputStream* st);

  // CMS support.
  static void remember_new_clds(bool remember) { _saved_head = (remember ? _head : NULL); }
  static GrowableArray<ClassLoaderData*>* new_clds();

  static void set_should_purge(bool b) { _should_purge = b; }
  static void purge_if_needed() {
    // Only purge the CLDG for CMS if concurrent sweep is complete.
    if (_should_purge) {
      // reset for next time.

  static int resize_if_needed();

  static bool has_metaspace_oom()           { return _metaspace_oom; }
  static void set_metaspace_oom(bool value) { _metaspace_oom = value; }

  static void print_on(outputStream * const out) PRODUCT_RETURN;
  static void print() { print_on(tty); }
  static void verify();

  // instance and array class counters
  static inline size_t num_instance_classes();
  static inline size_t num_array_classes();
  static inline void inc_instance_classes(size_t count);
  static inline void dec_instance_classes(size_t count);
  static inline void inc_array_classes(size_t count);
  static inline void dec_array_classes(size_t count);

#ifndef PRODUCT
  static bool contains_loader_data(ClassLoaderData* loader_data);

  // Check if ClassLoaderData is part of the ClassLoaderDataGraph (not unloaded)
  // Usage without lock only allowed during error reporting.
  static bool is_valid(ClassLoaderData* loader_data);

class LockedClassesDo : public KlassClosure {
  typedef void (*classes_do_func_t)(Klass*);
  classes_do_func_t _function;
  LockedClassesDo();  // For callers who provide their own do_klass
  LockedClassesDo(classes_do_func_t function);

  void do_klass(Klass* k) {

// An iterator that distributes Klasses to parallel worker threads.
class ClassLoaderDataGraphKlassIteratorAtomic : public StackObj {
 Klass* volatile _next_klass;
  Klass* next_klass();
  static Klass* next_klass_in_cldg(Klass* klass);

class ClassLoaderDataGraphMetaspaceIterator : public StackObj {
  ClassLoaderData* _data;
  bool repeat() { return _data != NULL; }
  ClassLoaderMetaspace* get_next();