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    <title>Hotspot SA User Interface Notes</title>

    <h1>Hotspot SA User Interface Notes</h1>

    <h2>Workspace and Building</h2>

      All the source code for the Serviceability Agent is in 
      <code>src/share/vm/agent</code> in the HotSport workspace 
      You can build the project by typing <code>gnumake</code> in the
      <code>src/share/vm/agent</code> directory.
      You can also use the default build target using the Ant build file (build.xml). You can download Ant from
      <a href=""></a>. Documentation for Ant can be
      found at <a href=""></a>

    <h2>Running the project</h2>

      <li><code>java -cp classes sun.jvm.hotspot.HSDB</code>

      Refactoring of package hierarchy. All user interface components should be in
      the ui package. Perhaps: sun.jvm.hotspot.ui.hsdb.Main for the HSDB.
      The src\share\vm\agent area seems like a workspace so it should be organized like
      one. In particular, I'd like to suggest the following directory layout:<br>
      <li>src: All sources that are curently under the sun directory.
      <li>classes: compiled class files.
      <li>lib: Resources like images, icons and jar files.
      <li>docs: Documentation 
      <li>deploy: distribution bundles for Java Web Start.

      Seems like there is a lot of redundant functionality. Perhaps
      this can be consolidated with a <code>javax.swing.Actions</code> architecture.

      <b>Stack memory pane</b>: 
      It's one of the more useful JVM debugging tools in the SA. However, it
      doesn't support any interaction with the text.
      <b>Integrations with the NetBeans architecture (plug in).</b> See the
      <a href="">Netbeans Open APIs homepage</a>

      HSDB: Object Histogram. Column sizes should be sized according the the
      contents. i.e, The size and count columns should be narrow enought to
      handle the largest window. Since there is a lot of data, sorting
      and searching should be implemented.


    <i>Last modified: Tue Feb 05 19:15:12 Pacific Standard Time 2002</i>
      sun.jvm.hotspot.oops.ObjectHistogram should be the underlying data
      structure for the TableModels. It shouldnt bother with sorting the data - 
      the table model should do that. It should implement these methods:

      public int getSize()
      public ObjectHistogramElement getElementAt(int row);
      ObjectHistogramElement should return the String that represents
      the third column

    <address><a href="">Mark Davidson</a></address>
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