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#include "ci/ciEnv.hpp"
#include "ci/ciMethod.hpp"
#include "compiler/abstractCompiler.hpp"
#include "compiler/compileBroker.hpp"
#include "shark/llvmHeaders.hpp"
#include "shark/sharkMemoryManager.hpp"

class SharkContext;

class SharkCompiler : public AbstractCompiler {
  // Creation

  // Name of this compiler
  const char *name()     { return "shark"; }

  // Missing feature tests
  bool supports_native() { return true; }
  bool supports_osr()    { return true; }
  bool can_compile_method(methodHandle method)  {
    return ! (method->is_method_handle_intrinsic() || method->is_compiled_lambda_form());

  // Customization
  bool needs_adapters()  { return false; }
  bool needs_stubs()     { return false; }

  // Initialization
  void initialize();

  // Compile a normal (bytecode) method and install it in the VM
  void compile_method(ciEnv* env, ciMethod* target, int entry_bci);

  // Generate a wrapper for a native (JNI) method
  nmethod* generate_native_wrapper(MacroAssembler* masm,
                                   methodHandle    target,
                                   int             compile_id,
                                   BasicType*      arg_types,
                                   BasicType       return_type);

  // Free compiled methods (and native wrappers)
  void free_compiled_method(address code);

  // Each thread generating IR needs its own context.  The normal
  // context is used for bytecode methods, and is protected from
  // multiple simultaneous accesses by being restricted to the
  // compiler thread.  The native context is used for JNI methods,
  // and is protected from multiple simultaneous accesses by the
  // adapter handler library lock.
  SharkContext* _normal_context;
  SharkContext* _native_context;

  SharkContext* context() const {
    if (JavaThread::current()->is_Compiler_thread()) {
      return _normal_context;
    else {
      assert(AdapterHandlerLibrary_lock->owned_by_self(), "should be");
      return _native_context;

  // The LLVM execution engine is the JIT we use to generate native
  // code.  It is thread safe, but we need to protect it with a lock
  // of our own because otherwise LLVM's lock and HotSpot's locks
  // interleave and deadlock.  The SharkMemoryManager is not thread
  // safe, and is protected by the same lock as the execution engine.
  Monitor*               _execution_engine_lock;
  SharkMemoryManager*    _memory_manager;
  llvm::ExecutionEngine* _execution_engine;

  Monitor* execution_engine_lock() const {
    return _execution_engine_lock;
  SharkMemoryManager* memory_manager() const {
    assert(execution_engine_lock()->owned_by_self(), "should be");
    return _memory_manager;
  llvm::ExecutionEngine* execution_engine() const {
    assert(execution_engine_lock()->owned_by_self(), "should be");
    return _execution_engine;

  // Global access
  static SharkCompiler* compiler() {
    AbstractCompiler *compiler =
    assert(compiler->is_shark() && compiler->is_initialized(), "should be");
    return (SharkCompiler *) compiler;

  // Helpers
  static const char* methodname(const char* klass, const char* method);
  void generate_native_code(SharkEntry*     entry,
                            llvm::Function* function,
                            const char*     name);
  void free_queued_methods();