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8055525: Bigapp weblogic+medrec fails to startup after JDK-8038423 Summary: If large pages are enabled and configured in Linux, the VM always pre-commits the entire space. The VM fails verification of the commit of the initial heap because some internal data structure marked all memory pages of the heap as committed during initialization. This makes the code think that we attempted a double-commit during first allocation of the heap. Remove the initial marking of memory pages of the heap to committed. Reviewed-by: mgerdin
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#include "precompiled.hpp"
#include "gc_implementation/g1/g1PageBasedVirtualSpace.hpp"
#include "oops/markOop.hpp"
#include "oops/oop.inline.hpp"
#include "services/memTracker.hpp"
#ifdef TARGET_OS_FAMILY_linux
# include "os_linux.inline.hpp"
#ifdef TARGET_OS_FAMILY_solaris
# include "os_solaris.inline.hpp"
#ifdef TARGET_OS_FAMILY_windows
# include "os_windows.inline.hpp"
# include "os_aix.inline.hpp"
# include "os_bsd.inline.hpp"
#include "utilities/bitMap.inline.hpp"

G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::G1PageBasedVirtualSpace() : _low_boundary(NULL),
  _high_boundary(NULL), _committed(), _page_size(0), _special(false), _executable(false) {

bool G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::initialize_with_granularity(ReservedSpace rs, size_t page_size) {
  if (!rs.is_reserved()) {
    return false;  // Allocation failed.
  assert(_low_boundary == NULL, "VirtualSpace already initialized");
  assert(page_size > 0, "Granularity must be non-zero.");

  _low_boundary  = rs.base();
  _high_boundary = _low_boundary + rs.size();

  _special = rs.special();
  _executable = rs.executable();

  _page_size = page_size;

  assert(_committed.size() == 0, "virtual space initialized more than once");
  uintx size_in_bits = rs.size() / page_size;
  _committed.resize(size_in_bits, /* in_resource_area */ false);

  return true;

G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::~G1PageBasedVirtualSpace() {

void G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::release() {
  // This does not release memory it never reserved.
  // Caller must release via rs.release();
  _low_boundary           = NULL;
  _high_boundary          = NULL;
  _special                = false;
  _executable             = false;
  _page_size              = 0;
  _committed.resize(0, false);

size_t G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::committed_size() const {
  return _committed.count_one_bits() * _page_size;

size_t G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::reserved_size() const {
  return pointer_delta(_high_boundary, _low_boundary, sizeof(char));

size_t G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::uncommitted_size()  const {
  return reserved_size() - committed_size();

uintptr_t G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::addr_to_page_index(char* addr) const {
  return (addr - _low_boundary) / _page_size;

bool G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::is_area_committed(uintptr_t start, size_t size_in_pages) const {
  uintptr_t end = start + size_in_pages;
  return _committed.get_next_zero_offset(start, end) >= end;

bool G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::is_area_uncommitted(uintptr_t start, size_t size_in_pages) const {
  uintptr_t end = start + size_in_pages;
  return _committed.get_next_one_offset(start, end) >= end;

char* G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::page_start(uintptr_t index) {
  return _low_boundary + index * _page_size;

size_t G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::byte_size_for_pages(size_t num) {
  return num * _page_size;

MemRegion G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::commit(uintptr_t start, size_t size_in_pages) {
  // We need to make sure to commit all pages covered by the given area.
  guarantee(is_area_uncommitted(start, size_in_pages), "Specified area is not uncommitted");

  if (!_special) {
    os::commit_memory_or_exit(page_start(start), byte_size_for_pages(size_in_pages), _executable,
                              err_msg("Failed to commit pages from "SIZE_FORMAT" of length "SIZE_FORMAT, start, size_in_pages));
  _committed.set_range(start, start + size_in_pages);

  MemRegion result((HeapWord*)page_start(start), byte_size_for_pages(size_in_pages) / HeapWordSize);
  return result;

MemRegion G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::uncommit(uintptr_t start, size_t size_in_pages) {
  guarantee(is_area_committed(start, size_in_pages), "checking");

  if (!_special) {
    os::uncommit_memory(page_start(start), byte_size_for_pages(size_in_pages));

  _committed.clear_range(start, start + size_in_pages);

  MemRegion result((HeapWord*)page_start(start), byte_size_for_pages(size_in_pages) / HeapWordSize);
  return result;

bool G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::contains(const void* p) const {
  return _low_boundary <= (const char*) p && (const char*) p < _high_boundary;

#ifndef PRODUCT
void G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::print_on(outputStream* out) {
  out->print   ("Virtual space:");
  if (special()) out->print(" (pinned in memory)");
  out->print_cr(" - committed: " SIZE_FORMAT, committed_size());
  out->print_cr(" - reserved:  " SIZE_FORMAT, reserved_size());
  out->print_cr(" - [low_b, high_b]: [" INTPTR_FORMAT ", " INTPTR_FORMAT "]",  p2i(_low_boundary), p2i(_high_boundary));

void G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::print() {