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#include "gc/parallel/parMarkBitMap.hpp"
#include "gc/parallel/psCompactionManager.hpp"
#include "gc/parallel/psParallelCompact.inline.hpp"
#include "gc/shared/taskqueue.inline.hpp"
#include "oops/access.inline.hpp"
#include "oops/arrayOop.inline.hpp"
#include "oops/compressedOops.inline.hpp"
#include "oops/objArrayOop.inline.hpp"
#include "oops/oop.inline.hpp"
#include "utilities/debug.hpp"
#include "utilities/globalDefinitions.hpp"

inline bool ParCompactionManager::steal(int queue_num, int* seed, oop& t) {
  return stack_array()->steal(queue_num, seed, t);

inline bool ParCompactionManager::steal_objarray(int queue_num, int* seed, ObjArrayTask& t) {
  return _objarray_queues->steal(queue_num, seed, t);

inline bool ParCompactionManager::steal(int queue_num, int* seed, size_t& region) {
  return region_array()->steal(queue_num, seed, region);

inline void ParCompactionManager::push(oop obj) {

void ParCompactionManager::push_objarray(oop obj, size_t index)
  ObjArrayTask task(obj, index);
  assert(task.is_valid(), "bad ObjArrayTask");

void ParCompactionManager::push_region(size_t index)
#ifdef ASSERT
  const ParallelCompactData& sd = PSParallelCompact::summary_data();
  ParallelCompactData::RegionData* const region_ptr = sd.region(index);
  assert(region_ptr->claimed(), "must be claimed");
  assert(region_ptr->_pushed++ == 0, "should only be pushed once");

template <typename T>
inline void ParCompactionManager::mark_and_push(T* p) {
  T heap_oop = RawAccess<>::oop_load(p);
  if (!CompressedOops::is_null(heap_oop)) {
    oop obj = CompressedOops::decode_not_null(heap_oop);
    assert(ParallelScavengeHeap::heap()->is_in(obj), "should be in heap");

    if (mark_bitmap()->is_unmarked(obj) && PSParallelCompact::mark_obj(obj)) {

template <typename T>
inline void ParCompactionManager::MarkAndPushClosure::do_oop_nv(T* p) {

inline void ParCompactionManager::MarkAndPushClosure::do_oop(oop* p)       { do_oop_nv(p); }
inline void ParCompactionManager::MarkAndPushClosure::do_oop(narrowOop* p) { do_oop_nv(p); }

inline void ParCompactionManager::follow_klass(Klass* klass) {
  oop holder = klass->klass_holder();

inline void ParCompactionManager::FollowStackClosure::do_void() {

inline void ParCompactionManager::follow_class_loader(ClassLoaderData* cld) {
  MarkAndPushClosure mark_and_push_closure(this);

  cld->oops_do(&mark_and_push_closure, true);

inline void ParCompactionManager::follow_contents(oop obj) {
  assert(PSParallelCompact::mark_bitmap()->is_marked(obj), "should be marked");

template <class T>
inline void oop_pc_follow_contents_specialized(objArrayOop obj, int index, ParCompactionManager* cm) {
  const size_t len = size_t(obj->length());
  const size_t beg_index = size_t(index);
  assert(beg_index < len || len == 0, "index too large");

  const size_t stride = MIN2(len - beg_index, (size_t)ObjArrayMarkingStride);
  const size_t end_index = beg_index + stride;
  T* const base = (T*)obj->base_raw();
  T* const beg = base + beg_index;
  T* const end = base + end_index;

  if (end_index < len) {
    cm->push_objarray(obj, end_index); // Push the continuation.

  // Push the non-NULL elements of the next stride on the marking stack.
  for (T* e = beg; e < end; e++) {

inline void ParCompactionManager::follow_contents(objArrayOop obj, int index) {
  if (UseCompressedOops) {
    oop_pc_follow_contents_specialized<narrowOop>(obj, index, this);
  } else {
    oop_pc_follow_contents_specialized<oop>(obj, index, this);

inline void ParCompactionManager::update_contents(oop obj) {