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extern "C" {
  // Report a JNI failure caught by -Xcheck:jni.  Perform a core dump.
  // Note: two variations -- one to be called when in VM state (e.g. when
  // within IN_VM macro), one to be called when in NATIVE state.

  // When in VM state:
  static void ReportJNIFatalError(JavaThread* thr, const char *msg) {
    tty->print_cr("FATAL ERROR in native method: %s", msg);

// Checked JNI routines that are useful for outside of checked JNI

class jniCheck : public AllStatic {
  static oop validate_handle(JavaThread* thr, jobject obj);
  static oop validate_object(JavaThread* thr, jobject obj);
  static klassOop validate_class(JavaThread* thr, jclass clazz, bool allow_primitive = false);
  static void validate_class_descriptor(JavaThread* thr, const char* name);
  static void validate_throwable_klass(JavaThread* thr, klassOop klass);
  static void validate_call_object(JavaThread* thr, jobject obj, jmethodID method_id);
  static void validate_call_class(JavaThread* thr, jclass clazz, jmethodID method_id);
  static methodOop validate_jmethod_id(JavaThread* thr, jmethodID method_id);