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8218991: s390: Add intrinsic for GHASH algorithm Reviewed-by: lucy, simonis
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#include "runtime/icache.hpp"

// interface (see ICache::flush_icache_stub_t):
//   address   addr   (Z_R2, ignored)
//   int       lines  (Z_R3, ignored)
//   int       magic  (Z_R4)
//   returns: int (Z_R2)
//   Note: z/Architecture doesn't need explicit flushing, so this is implemented as a nop.

// Call c function (which just does nothing).
int z_flush_icache(address start, int lines, int magic) { return magic; }

void ICacheStubGenerator::generate_icache_flush(ICache::flush_icache_stub_t* flush_icache_stub) {
  *flush_icache_stub = (ICache::flush_icache_stub_t)z_flush_icache;

  // First call to flush itself.
  ICache::invalidate_range((address)(*flush_icache_stub), 0);