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#ifndef CPU_S390_VM_VMREG_S390_HPP
#define CPU_S390_VM_VMREG_S390_HPP

inline bool is_Register() {
  return (unsigned int)value() < (unsigned int)ConcreteRegisterImpl::max_gpr;

inline bool is_FloatRegister() {
  return value() >= ConcreteRegisterImpl::max_gpr &&
         value() < ConcreteRegisterImpl::max_fpr;

inline Register as_Register() {
  assert(is_Register() && is_even(value()), "even-aligned GPR name");
  return ::as_Register(value() >> 1);

inline FloatRegister as_FloatRegister() {
  assert(is_FloatRegister() && is_even(value()), "must be");
  return ::as_FloatRegister((value() - ConcreteRegisterImpl::max_gpr) >> 1);

inline bool is_concrete() {
  assert(is_reg(), "must be");
  return is_even(value());

#endif // CPU_S390_VM_VMREG_S390_HPP