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#ifndef AWT_LIST_H
#define AWT_LIST_H

#include "awt_Component.h"

#include "sun_awt_windows_WListPeer.h"

 * AwtList class

class AwtList : public AwtComponent {
    virtual ~AwtList();

    virtual LPCTSTR GetClassName();

    static AwtList* Create(jobject peer, jobject parent);

    virtual BOOL NeedDblClick() { return TRUE; }

    INLINE void Select(int pos) {
        if (isMultiSelect) {
            SendListMessage(LB_SETSEL, TRUE, pos);
        else {
            SendListMessage(LB_SETCURSEL, pos);
    INLINE void Deselect(int pos) {
        if (isMultiSelect) {
            SendListMessage(LB_SETSEL, FALSE, pos);
        else {
            SendListMessage(LB_SETCURSEL, (WPARAM)-1);
    INLINE UINT GetCount() {
        LRESULT index = SendListMessage(LB_GETCOUNT);
        DASSERT(index != LB_ERR);
        return static_cast<UINT>(index);

    INLINE void InsertString(WPARAM index, LPTSTR str) {
        VERIFY(SendListMessage(LB_INSERTSTRING, index, (LPARAM)str) != LB_ERR);
    INLINE BOOL IsItemSelected(UINT index) {
        LRESULT ret = SendListMessage(LB_GETSEL, index);
        DASSERT(ret != LB_ERR);
        return (ret > 0);
    INLINE BOOL InvalidateList(CONST RECT* lpRect, BOOL bErase) {
        return InvalidateRect(GetListHandle(), lpRect, bErase);

    // Adjust the horizontal scrollbar as necessary
    void AdjustHorizontalScrollbar();
    void UpdateMaxItemWidth();

    INLINE long GetMaxWidth() {
        return m_nMaxWidth;

    INLINE void CheckMaxWidth(long nWidth) {
        if (nWidth > m_nMaxWidth) {
            m_nMaxWidth = nWidth;

    // Netscape : Change the font on the list and redraw the
    // items nicely.
    virtual void SetFont(AwtFont *pFont);

    /* Set whether a list accepts single or multiple selections. */
    void SetMultiSelect(BOOL ms);

    /*for multifont list */
    jobject PreferredItemSize(JNIEnv *envx);

     * Windows message handler functions
    MsgRouting WmNcHitTest(UINT x, UINT y, LRESULT& retVal);
    MsgRouting WmMouseDown(UINT flags, int x, int y, int button);
    MsgRouting WmMouseUp(UINT flags, int x, int y, int button);
    MsgRouting WmNotify(UINT notifyCode);

    /* for multifont list */
    MsgRouting OwnerDrawItem(UINT ctrlId, DRAWITEMSTRUCT& drawInfo);
    MsgRouting OwnerMeasureItem(UINT ctrlId, MEASUREITEMSTRUCT& measureInfo);

    //for horizontal scrollbar
    MsgRouting WmSize(UINT type, int w, int h);

    MsgRouting WmCtlColor(HDC hDC, HWND hCtrl, UINT ctlColor,
                          HBRUSH& retBrush);

    MsgRouting HandleEvent(MSG *msg, BOOL synthetic);

    MsgRouting WmPrint(HDC hDC, LPARAM flags);

    virtual void SetDragCapture(UINT flags);
    virtual void ReleaseDragCapture(UINT flags);
    void Reshape(int x, int y, int w, int h);

    INLINE LRESULT SendListMessage(UINT msg, WPARAM wParam=0, LPARAM lParam=0)
        DASSERT(GetListHandle() != NULL);
        return ::SendMessage(GetListHandle(), msg, wParam, lParam);
    INLINE virtual LONG GetStyle() {
        return ::GetWindowLong(GetListHandle(), GWL_STYLE);
    INLINE virtual void SetStyle(LONG style) {
        // SetWindowLong() error handling as recommended by Win32 API doc.
        LONG ret = ::SetWindowLong(GetListHandle(), GWL_STYLE, style);
        DASSERT(ret != 0 || ::GetLastError() == 0);
    INLINE virtual LONG GetStyleEx() {
        return ::GetWindowLong(GetListHandle(), GWL_EXSTYLE);
    INLINE virtual void SetStyleEx(LONG style) {
        // SetWindowLong() error handling as recommended by Win32 API doc.
        LONG ret = ::SetWindowLong(GetListHandle(), GWL_EXSTYLE, style);
        DASSERT(ret != 0 || ::GetLastError() == 0);

    INLINE HWND GetDBCSEditHandle() { return GetListHandle(); }

    virtual BOOL InheritsNativeMouseWheelBehavior();

    virtual BOOL IsFocusingMouseMessage(MSG *pMsg);

    // some methods called on Toolkit thread
    static jint _GetMaxWidth(void *param);
    static void _UpdateMaxItemWidth(void *param);
    static void _AddItems(void *param);
    static void _DelItems(void *param);
    static void _Select(void *param);
    static void _Deselect(void *param);
    static void _MakeVisible(void *param);
    static void _SetMultipleSelections(void *param);
    static jboolean _IsSelected(void *param);

    INLINE HWND GetListHandle() { return GetHWnd(); }

    static BOOL IsListOwnerMessage(UINT message) {
        switch (message) {
        case WM_DRAWITEM:
        case WM_MEASUREITEM:
        case WM_COMMAND:
#if defined(WIN32)
        case WM_CTLCOLOR:
            return TRUE;
        return FALSE;

    static BOOL IsAwtMessage(UINT message) {
        return (message >= WM_APP);

    BOOL isMultiSelect;
    BOOL isWrapperPrint;

    // The width of the longest item in the listbox
    long m_nMaxWidth;

#endif /* AWT_LIST_H */