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#include "runtime/os.hpp"

inline const char* os::dll_file_extension()            { return ".dll"; }

inline const int os::default_file_open_flags() { return O_BINARY | O_NOINHERIT;}

// File names are case-insensitive on windows only
inline int os::file_name_strcmp(const char* s, const char* t) {
  return _stricmp(s, t);

inline void  os::dll_unload(void *lib) {

inline void* os::dll_lookup(void *lib, const char *name) {
  return (void*)::GetProcAddress((HMODULE)lib, name);

inline bool os::obsolete_option(const JavaVMOption *option) {
  return false;

inline bool os::uses_stack_guard_pages() {
  return os::win32::is_nt();

inline bool os::allocate_stack_guard_pages() {
  assert(uses_stack_guard_pages(), "sanity check");
  return true;

inline int os::readdir_buf_size(const char *path)
  /* As Windows doesn't use the directory entry buffer passed to
     os::readdir() this can be as short as possible */

  return 1;

// Bang the shadow pages if they need to be touched to be mapped.
inline void os::bang_stack_shadow_pages() {
  // Write to each page of our new frame to force OS mapping.
  // If we decrement stack pointer more than one page
  // the OS may not map an intervening page into our space
  // and may fault on a memory access to interior of our frame.
  address sp = current_stack_pointer();
  for (int pages = 1; pages <= StackShadowPages; pages++) {
    *((int *)(sp - (pages * vm_page_size()))) = 0;

inline bool os::numa_has_static_binding()   { return true;   }
inline bool os::numa_has_group_homing()     { return false;  }

inline size_t os::read(int fd, void *buf, unsigned int nBytes) {
  return ::read(fd, buf, nBytes);

inline size_t os::restartable_read(int fd, void *buf, unsigned int nBytes) {
  return ::read(fd, buf, nBytes);

inline size_t os::write(int fd, const void *buf, unsigned int nBytes) {
  return ::write(fd, buf, nBytes);

inline int os::close(int fd) {
  return ::close(fd);

inline bool os::supports_monotonic_clock() {
  return win32::_has_performance_count;

inline void os::exit(int num) {
  win32::exit_process_or_thread(win32::EPT_PROCESS, num);