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8201509: Zero: S390 31bit atomic_copy64 inline assembler is wrong Summary: The inline assembler for the S390 (S390 and not _LP64) has src and dst reversed thereby corrupting data Reviewed-by: shade Contributed-by: Martin Balao <>
author chrisphi
date Wed, 25 Apr 2018 12:21:29 -0400
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  static void setup_fpu() {}

  static bool is_allocatable(size_t bytes);

  // Used to register dynamic code cache area with the OS
  // Note: Currently only used in 64 bit Windows implementations
  static bool register_code_area(char *low, char *high) { return true; }

  // Atomically copy 64 bits of data
  static void atomic_copy64(const volatile void *src, volatile void *dst) {
#if defined(PPC32) && !defined(__SPE__)
    double tmp;
    asm volatile ("lfd  %0, %2\n"
                  "stfd %0, %1\n"
                  : "=&f"(tmp), "=Q"(*(volatile double*)dst)
                  : "Q"(*(volatile double*)src));
#elif defined(PPC32) && defined(__SPE__)
    long tmp;
    asm volatile ("evldd  %0, %2\n"
                  "evstdd %0, %1\n"
                  : "=&r"(tmp), "=Q"(*(volatile long*)dst)
                  : "Q"(*(volatile long*)src));
#elif defined(S390) && !defined(_LP64)
    double tmp;
    asm volatile ("ld  %0, %2\n"
                  "std %0, %1\n"
                  : "=&f"(tmp), "=Q"(*(volatile double*)dst)
                  : "Q"(*(volatile double*)src));
    *(jlong *) dst = *(const jlong *) src;