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7132029: G1: mixed GC phase lasts for longer than it should Summary: Revamp of the mechanism that chooses old regions for inclusion in the CSet. It simplifies the code and introduces min and max bounds on the number of old regions added to the CSet at each mixed GC to avoid pathological cases. It also ensures that when we do a mixed GC we'll always find old regions to add to the CSet (i.e., it eliminates the case where a mixed GC will collect no old regions which can happen today). Reviewed-by: johnc, brutisso
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date Wed, 15 Feb 2012 13:06:53 -0500
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#include "gc_implementation/g1/heapRegion.hpp"
#include "utilities/growableArray.hpp"

class CSetChooserCache VALUE_OBJ_CLASS_SPEC {
  enum {
    CacheLength = 16
  } PrivateConstants;

  HeapRegion*  _cache[CacheLength];
  int          _occupancy; // number of regions in cache
  int          _first;     // (index of) "first" region in the cache

  // adding CacheLength to deal with negative values
  inline int trim_index(int index) {
    return (index + CacheLength) % CacheLength;

  inline int get_sort_index(int index) {
    return -index-2;
  inline int get_index(int sort_index) {
    return -sort_index-2;


  inline int occupancy(void) { return _occupancy; }
  inline bool is_full()      { return _occupancy == CacheLength; }
  inline bool is_empty()     { return _occupancy == 0; }

  void clear(void);
  void insert(HeapRegion *hr);
  HeapRegion *remove_first(void);
  inline HeapRegion *get_first(void) {
    return _cache[_first];

#ifndef PRODUCT
  bool verify (void);
  bool region_in_cache(HeapRegion *hr) {
    int sort_index = hr->sort_index();
    if (sort_index < -1) {
      int index = get_index(sort_index);
      guarantee(index < CacheLength, "should be within bounds");
      return _cache[index] == hr;
    } else
      return 0;
#endif // PRODUCT

class CollectionSetChooser: public CHeapObj {

  GrowableArray<HeapRegion*> _markedRegions;

  // The index of the next candidate old region to be considered for
  // addition to the CSet.
  int _curr_index;

  // The number of candidate old regions added to the CSet chooser.
  int _length;

  CSetChooserCache _cache;
  jint _first_par_unreserved_idx;

  // If a region has more live bytes than this threshold, it will not
  // be added to the CSet chooser and will not be a candidate for
  // collection.
  size_t _regionLiveThresholdBytes;

  // The sum of reclaimable bytes over all the regions in the CSet chooser.
  size_t _remainingReclaimableBytes;


  // Return the current candidate region to be considered for
  // collection without removing it from the CSet chooser.
  HeapRegion* peek() {
    HeapRegion* res = NULL;
    if (_curr_index < _length) {
      res =;
      assert(res != NULL,
             err_msg("Unexpected NULL hr in _markedRegions at index %d",
    return res;

  // Remove the given region from the CSet chooser and move to the
  // next one. The given region should be the current candidate region
  // in the CSet chooser.
  void remove_and_move_to_next(HeapRegion* hr) {
    assert(hr != NULL, "pre-condition");
    assert(_curr_index < _length, "pre-condition");
    assert( == hr, "pre-condition");
    _markedRegions.at_put(_curr_index, NULL);
    assert(hr->reclaimable_bytes() <= _remainingReclaimableBytes,
           err_msg("remaining reclaimable bytes inconsistent "
                   "from region: "SIZE_FORMAT" remaining: "SIZE_FORMAT,
                   hr->reclaimable_bytes(), _remainingReclaimableBytes));
    _remainingReclaimableBytes -= hr->reclaimable_bytes();
    _curr_index += 1;


  void sortMarkedHeapRegions();
  void fillCache();

  // Determine whether to add the given region to the CSet chooser or
  // not. Currently, we skip humongous regions (we never add them to
  // the CSet, we only reclaim them during cleanup) and regions whose
  // live bytes are over the threshold.
  bool shouldAdd(HeapRegion* hr) {
    assert(hr->is_marked(), "pre-condition");
    assert(!hr->is_young(), "should never consider young regions");
    return !hr->isHumongous() &&
            hr->live_bytes() < _regionLiveThresholdBytes;

  // Calculate the minimum number of old regions we'll add to the CSet
  // during a mixed GC.
  size_t calcMinOldCSetLength();

  // Calculate the maximum number of old regions we'll add to the CSet
  // during a mixed GC.
  size_t calcMaxOldCSetLength();

  // Serial version.
  void addMarkedHeapRegion(HeapRegion *hr);

  // Must be called before calls to getParMarkedHeapRegionChunk.
  // "n_regions" is the number of regions, "chunkSize" the chunk size.
  void prepareForAddMarkedHeapRegionsPar(size_t n_regions, size_t chunkSize);
  // Returns the first index in a contiguous chunk of "n_regions" indexes
  // that the calling thread has reserved.  These must be set by the
  // calling thread using "setMarkedHeapRegion" (to NULL if necessary).
  jint getParMarkedHeapRegionChunk(jint n_regions);
  // Set the marked array entry at index to hr.  Careful to claim the index
  // first if in parallel.
  void setMarkedHeapRegion(jint index, HeapRegion* hr);
  // Atomically increment the number of added regions by region_num
  // and the amount of reclaimable bytes by reclaimable_bytes.
  void updateTotals(jint region_num, size_t reclaimable_bytes);

  void clearMarkedHeapRegions();

  // Return the number of candidate regions that remain to be collected.
  size_t remainingRegions() { return _length - _curr_index; }

  // Determine whether the CSet chooser has more candidate regions or not.
  bool isEmpty() { return remainingRegions() == 0; }

  // Return the reclaimable bytes that remain to be collected on
  // all the candidate regions in the CSet chooser.
  size_t remainingReclaimableBytes () { return _remainingReclaimableBytes; }

  // Returns true if the used portion of "_markedRegions" is properly
  // sorted, otherwise asserts false.
#ifndef PRODUCT
  bool verify(void);
  bool regionProperlyOrdered(HeapRegion* r) {
    int si = r->sort_index();
    if (si > -1) {
      guarantee(_curr_index <= si && si < _length,
                err_msg("curr: %d sort index: %d: length: %d",
                        _curr_index, si, _length));
      guarantee( == r,
                err_msg("sort index: %d at: "PTR_FORMAT" r: "PTR_FORMAT,
                        si,, r));
    } else {
      guarantee(si == -1, err_msg("sort index: %d", si));
    return true;