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#ifndef _DICT_
#define _DICT_
// Dictionaries - An Abstract Data Type

class Dict;

// These dictionaries define a key-value mapping.  They can be inserted to,
// searched or deleted from.  They grow and shrink as needed.  The key is a
// pointer to something (or anything which can be stored in a pointer).  A
// key comparison routine determines if two keys are equal or not.  A hash
// function can be provided; if it's not provided the key itself is used
// instead.  A nice string hash function is included.
typedef int  (*CmpKey)(const void *key1, const void *key2);
typedef int  (*Hash)(const void *key);
typedef void (*PrintKeyOrValue)(const void *key_or_value);
typedef void (*FuncDict)(const void *key, const void *val, Dict *d);

class Dict { // Dictionary structure
  class Arena *_arena;          // Where to draw storage from
  class bucket *_bin;           // Hash table is array of buckets
  int _size;                    // Size (# of slots) in hash table
  int _cnt;                     // Number of key-value pairs in hash table
  const Hash _hash;             // Hashing function
  const CmpKey _cmp;            // Key comparison function
  void doubhash( void );        // Double hash table size

  friend class DictI;            // Friendly iterator function

  // cmp is a key comparision routine.  hash is a routine to hash a key.
  Dict( CmpKey cmp, Hash hash );
  Dict( CmpKey cmp, Hash hash, Arena *arena );
  void init();

  Dict( const Dict & );         // Deep-copy guts
  Dict &operator =( const Dict & );

  // Zap to empty; ready for re-use
  void Clear();

  // Return # of key-value pairs in dict
  int Size(void) const { return _cnt; }

  // Insert inserts the given key-value pair into the dictionary.  The prior
  // value of the key is returned; NULL if the key was not previously defined.
  const void *Insert(const void *key, const void *val); // A new key-value
  const void *Delete(void *key);                        // Delete & return old

  // Find finds the value of a given key; or NULL if not found.
  // The dictionary is NOT changed.
  const void *operator [](const void *key) const;  // Do a lookup

  // == compares two dictionaries; they must have the same keys (their keys
  // must match using CmpKey) and they must have the same values (pointer
  // comparison).  If so 1 is returned, if not 0 is returned.
  int operator ==(const Dict &d) const;   // Compare dictionaries for equal

  // Print out the dictionary contents as key-value pairs
  void print();
  void print(PrintKeyOrValue print_key, PrintKeyOrValue print_value);

// Hashing functions
int hashstr(const void *s);        // Nice string hash
// Slimey cheap hash function; no guaranteed performance.  Better than the
// default for pointers, especially on MS-DOS machines.
int hashptr(const void *key);
// Slimey cheap hash function; no guaranteed performance.
int hashkey(const void *key);

// Key comparators
int cmpstr(const void *k1, const void *k2);
// Slimey cheap key comparator.
int cmpkey(const void *key1, const void *key2);

// The class of dictionary iterators.  Fails in the presences of modifications
// to the dictionary during iteration (including searches).
// Usage:  for( DictI i(dict); i.test(); ++i ) { body = i.key; body = i.value;}
class DictI {
  const Dict *_d;               // Dictionary being iterated over
  int _i;                      // Counter over the bins
  int _j;                      // Counter inside each bin
  const void *_key, *_value;          // Easy access to the key-value pair
  DictI( const Dict *d ) {reset(d);}; // Create a new iterator
  void reset( const Dict *dict );     // Reset existing iterator
  void operator ++(void);             // Increment iterator
  int test(void) { return _i<_d->_size;} // Test for end of iteration

#endif // _DICT_