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# include "incls/_precompiled.incl"
# include "incls/_gcCause.cpp.incl"

const char* GCCause::to_string(GCCause::Cause cause) {
  switch (cause) {
    case _java_lang_system_gc:
      return "System.gc()";

    case _full_gc_alot:
      return "FullGCAlot";

    case _scavenge_alot:
      return "ScavengeAlot";

    case _allocation_profiler:
      return "Allocation Profiler";

    case _jvmti_force_gc:
      return "JvmtiEnv ForceGarbageCollection";

    case _no_gc:
      return "No GC";

    case _allocation_failure:
      return "Allocation Failure";

    case _gc_locker:
      return "GCLocker Initiated GC";

    case _heap_inspection:
      return "Heap Inspection Initiated GC";

    case _heap_dump:
      return "Heap Dump Initiated GC";

    case _tenured_generation_full:
      return "Tenured Generation Full";

    case _permanent_generation_full:
      return "Permanent Generation Full";

    case _cms_generation_full:
      return "CMS Generation Full";

    case _cms_initial_mark:
      return "CMS Initial Mark";

    case _cms_final_remark:
      return "CMS Final Remark";

    case _old_generation_expanded_on_last_scavenge:
      return "Old Generation Expanded On Last Scavenge";

    case _old_generation_too_full_to_scavenge:
      return "Old Generation Too Full To Scavenge";

    case _last_ditch_collection:
      return "Last ditch collection";

    case _last_gc_cause:
      return "ILLEGAL VALUE - last gc cause - ILLEGAL VALUE";

      return "unknown GCCause";

#ifndef PRODUCT

bool GCCause::is_for_full_collection(GCCause::Cause cause) {
  bool result;

  // There are more GCCause::Cause types than listed here.
  // For brevity, we list only those that cause full collections.
  switch (cause) {
    case _allocation_failure:
    case _tenured_generation_full:
    case _permanent_generation_full:
    case _cms_generation_full:
    case _last_ditch_collection:
      result = true;

      result = false;
  return result;

#endif // PRODUCT