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6655638: dynamic languages need method handles Summary: initial implementation, with known omissions (x86/64, sparc, compiler optim., c-oops, C++ interp.) Reviewed-by: kvn, twisti, never
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#include "incls/_precompiled.incl"
#include "incls/_methodHandles_sparc.cpp.incl"

#define __ _masm->

address MethodHandleEntry::start_compiled_entry(MacroAssembler* _masm,
                                                address interpreted_entry) {
  __ align(wordSize);
  address target = __ pc() + sizeof(Data);
  while (__ pc() < target) {
    __ nop();
    __ align(wordSize);

  MethodHandleEntry* me = (MethodHandleEntry*) __ pc();
  me->set_end_address(__ pc());         // set a temporary end_address

  return (address) me;

MethodHandleEntry* MethodHandleEntry::finish_compiled_entry(MacroAssembler* _masm,
                                                address start_addr) {
  MethodHandleEntry* me = (MethodHandleEntry*) start_addr;
  assert(me->end_address() == start_addr, "valid ME");

  // Fill in the real end_address:
  __ align(wordSize);
  me->set_end_address(__ pc());

  return me;

// Code generation
address MethodHandles::generate_method_handle_interpreter_entry(MacroAssembler* _masm) {
  ShouldNotReachHere(); //NYI, 6815692
  return NULL;

// Generate an "entry" field for a method handle.
// This determines how the method handle will respond to calls.
void MethodHandles::generate_method_handle_stub(MacroAssembler* _masm, MethodHandles::EntryKind ek) {
  ShouldNotReachHere(); //NYI, 6815692