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// Defines Linux specific flags. They are not available on other platforms.
#define RUNTIME_OS_FLAGS(develop, develop_pd, product, product_pd, diagnostic, notproduct) \
  product(bool, UseOprofile, false,                                     \
        "enable support for Oprofile profiler")                         \
  product(bool, UseLinuxPosixThreadCPUClocks, true,                     \
          "enable fast Linux Posix clocks where available")             \
/*  NB: The default value of UseLinuxPosixThreadCPUClocks may be        \
    overridden in Arguments::parse_each_vm_init_arg.  */                \
  product(bool, UseHugeTLBFS, false,                                    \
          "Use MAP_HUGETLB for large pages")                            \
  product(bool, UseTransparentHugePages, false,                         \
          "Use MADV_HUGEPAGE for large pages")                          \
  product(bool, LoadExecStackDllInVMThread, true,                       \
          "Load DLLs with executable-stack attribute in the VM Thread") \
  product(bool, UseSHM, false,                                          \
          "Use SYSV shared memory for large pages")

// Defines Linux-specific default values. The flags are available on all
// platforms, but they may have different default values on other platforms.
define_pd_global(bool, UseLargePages, false);
define_pd_global(bool, UseLargePagesIndividualAllocation, false);
define_pd_global(bool, UseOSErrorReporting, false);
define_pd_global(bool, UseThreadPriorities, true) ;