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# SAAJ ResourceBundle properties file
# Contains Log messages for soap pkg
# Error messages Data handler error: {0} No data handler associated with this attachment Null dataHandler argument to setDataHandler
SAAJ0504.soap.cannot.externalize.attachment=SAAJ0504: Unable to externalize attachment
SAAJ0505.soap.cannot.copy.mime.hdr=SAAJ0505: Unable to copy MIME header
SAAJ0506.soap.cannot.copy.mime.hdrs.into.attachment=SAAJ0506: Unable to copy MIME headers into attachment
SAAJ0507.soap.cannot.create.handler=SAAJ0507: Unable to create DataHandler for {0}
SAAJ0508.soap.cannot.register.handlers=SAAJ050: Unable to register handlers in JAF command map

SAAJ0510.soap.cannot.create.envelope=SAAJ0510: Unable to create envelope from given source
SAAJ0511.soap.cannot.create.envelope=SAAJ0511: Unable to create envelope from given source
SAAJ0512.soap.incorrect.factory.used=SAAJ0512: Unable to create envelope: incorrect factory used during tree construction
SAAJ0513.soap.unknown.ns=SAAJ0513: Unable to create envelope from given source because the namespace was not recognized
SAAJ0514.soap.root.elem.not.named.envelope=SAAJ0514: Unable to create envelope from given source because the root element is not named Envelope
SAAJ0515.source.reset.exception=SAAJ0515: Unable to reset the soap-part content source

SAAJ0520.soap.invalid.obj.type=SAAJ0520: DataContentHandler requires Image object, but was given object of type {0}
SAAJ0521.soap.set.Content-Type=SAAJ0521: Content-Type set to {0}
SAAJ0522.soap.invalid.type.for.img.handler=SAAJ0522: Invalid content-type {0} for ImageContentHandler
SAAJ0523.soap.null.obj.for.img.handler=SAAJ0523: Null object for ImageContentHandler Unable to run the JPEG Encoder on a stream
SAAJ0525.soap.cannot.encode.img=SAAJ0525: Unable to encode image to a stream
SAAJ0526.soap.unsupported.mime.type=SAAJ0526: Unsupported mime type {0}

SAAJ0530.soap.unknown.Content-Type=SAAJ0530: Unrecognized Content-Type
SAAJ0531.soap.cannot.parse.Content-Type=SAAJ0531: Unable to parse content type Absent Content-Type
SAAJ0533.soap.incorrect.Content-Type=SAAJ0533: Cannot create message: incorrect content-type for SOAP version. Got {0}, but expected {1}
SAAJ0534.soap.unknown.Content-Type=SAAJ0534: Unrecognized Content-Type
SAAJ0535.soap.cannot.internalize.message=SAAJ0535: Unable to internalize message
SAAJ0536.soap.content-type.mustbe.multipart=SAAJ0536: Content-Type needs to be Multipart/Related and with type=text/xml or application/soap+xml
SAAJ0537.soap.invalid.content-type=SAAJ0537: Invalid Content-Type. Could be an error message instead of a SOAP message Unable to convert SOAP message into a Multipart object Unable to get header stream in saveChanges
SAAJ0540.soap.err.saving.multipart.msg=SAAJ0540: Error during saving a multipart message Could not complete operation. Fragment not bound to SOAP part Processing Instructions are not allowed in SOAP documents Entity References are not allowed in SOAP documents Source does not have a valid Reader or InputStream
SAAJ0545.soap.cannot.set.src.for.part=SAAJ0545: Error setting the source for SOAPPart Internal error: stream not of the right type
SAAJ0547.soap.cannot.externalize=SAAJ0547: Error while trying to externalize
SAAJ0548.soap.cannot.externalize.hdr=SAAJ0548: Unable to externalize header
SAAJ0549.soap.part.invalid.Content-Type=SAAJ0549: Bad Content-Type for SOAP Part {0}
SAAJ0550.soap.null.headers=SAAJ0550: Cannot create message: Headers can't be null
SAAJ0551.soap.unsupported.encoding=SAAJ0551: Unsupported encoding {0}
SAAJ0552.soap.xml.decl.parsing.failed=SAAJ0552: XML declaration parsing failed
SAAJ0553.soappart.renamenode.not.supported=SAAJ0553: renameNode on SOAPPart not supported
SAAJ0554.soappart.normalizeDocument.not.supported=SAAJ0554: normalizeDocument on SOAPPart not supported
SAAJ0555.soappart.getDomConfig.not.supported=SAAJ0555: getDomConfig on SOAPPart not supported
SAAJ0556.soappart.adoptNode.not.supported=SAAJ0556: adoptNode on SOAPPart not supported
SAAJ0557.soappart.setDocumentURI.not.supported=SAAJ0557: setDocumentURI on SOAPPart not supported
SAAJ0558.soappart.getDocumentURI.not.supported=SAAJ0558: getDocumentURI on SOAPPart not supported
SAAJ0559.soappart.setStrictErrorChecking.not.supported=SAAJ0559: setStrictErrorChecking on SOAPPart not supported
SAAJ0560.soappart.getInputEncoding.not.supported=SAAJ0560: getInputEncoding on SOAPPart not supported
SAAJ0561.soappart.getXmlEncoding.not.supported=SAAJ0561: getXmlEncoding on SOAPPart not supported
SAAJ0562.soappart.getXmlStandalone.not.supported=SAAJ0562: getXmlStandalone on SOAPPart not supported
SAAJ0563.soappart.setXmlStandalone.not.supported=SAAJ0563: setXmlStandalone on SOAPPart not supported
SAAJ0564.soappart.getXmlVersion.not.supported=SAAJ0564: getXmlVersion on SOAPPart not supported
SAAJ0565.soappart.setXmlVersion.not.supported=SAAJ0565: setXmlVersion on SOAPPart not supported
SAAJ0566.soappart.getStrictErrorChecking.not.supported=SAAJ0566: getStrictErrorChecking on SOAPPart not supported
SAAJ0567.soap.null.input=SAAJ0567: Null {0} argument to {1}
SAAJ0568.soap.unsupported.protocol=SAAJ0568: Protocol {0} does not support {1}
SAAJ0569.soap.unknown.protocol=SAAJ0569: Unknown Protocol {0} specified for creating {1}
SAAJ0570.soappart.parent.element.not.defined=SAAJ0570: The parent element of a soap part is not defined
SAAJ0571.soappart.setValue.not.defined=SAAJ0571: Setting value of a soap part is not defined No data handler/content associated with this attachment
SAAJ0573.soap.attachment.getrawbytes.ioexception=SAAJ0573: IOException while reading the raw attachment content
SAAJ0574.soap.attachment.datahandler.ioexception=SAAJ0574: IOException while trying to obtain the inputstream from datahandler for this attachment
SAAJ0575.soap.attachment.getcontent.exception=SAAJ0575: Exception while trying to retrieveing content for this attachment
SAAJ0576.soap.attachment.setrawcontent.exception=SAAJ0576: Exception while trying to set the Raw content for this attachment
SAAJ0577.soap.attachment.getrawcontent.exception=SAAJ0577: Exception while trying to get the Raw content for this attachment
SAAJ0578.soap.attachment.setbase64content.exception=SAAJ0578: Exception while trying to set the Decoded content for this attachment
SAAJ0579.soap.attachment.getbase64content.exception=SAAJ0579: Exception while trying to get the Encoded content for this attachment Unable to locate attachment with cid {0} Exception {0}  when trying to set Property {1} on SOAP Message

# Info messages
SAAJ0580.soap.set.Content-Type=SAAJ0580: Content-Type set to {0}