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6894441: Add checksum checks, remove use of original sources in jax repositories, fix bundle logic Reviewed-by: andrew
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
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<project name="jaxws" default="all" basedir=".">
    <!-- For 'ant -p' or 'ant -projecthelp' -->
    Ant build script for the ${} part of the jdk.

    Input Properties: (see for the ant defaults)
      bootstrap.dir        - dir with lib/javac.jar, added to javac bootclasspath
      javac.debug          - true or false for debug classfiles         - classfile version target
      javac.source         - source version

    <!-- Mac is special, need to downgrade these before -->
    <condition property="javac.source" value="1.5">
        <os family="mac"/>
    <condition property="" value="1.5">
        <os family="mac"/>

    <!-- Project build properties. -->
    <property file=""/>

    <!-- See if drop sources were included. -->
    <condition property="drop.dir" 
        <available file="${drop.included.dir}" type="dir"/>

    <!-- Get shared targets. -->
    <import file="build-defs.xml"/>

    <!-- Initialization of directories needed for build. -->
    <target name="init">
        <mkdir dir="${build.dir}"/>
        <mkdir dir="${build.classes.dir}"/>
        <mkdir dir="${dist.dir}"/>
        <mkdir dir="${dist.lib.dir}"/>
    <!-- Sanity checks and settings -->
    <target name="sanity"
            description="Display settings of configuration values">
        <echo message="${}"/>

     <!-- Check for bootstrap javac.jar file, warn if missing. -->
    <condition property="javac.jar.exists">
        <available file="${javac.jar}" type="file"/>
    <target name="-javac-jar-exists"
        <echo message="WARNING: Cannot find ${javac.jar}"/>

    <!-- Creation of distribution files to jdk build process. -->
    <target name="dist"
	    depends="init, -init-src-dirs, build, -dist-classes-jar, -dist-src-zip"
            description="Create all built distribution files.">
    <target name="-dist-classes-jar-uptodate"
	    depends="init, -init-src-dirs">
        <condition property="dist.classes.jar.uptodate">
                <available file="${dist.classes.jar}" type="file"/>
                <uptodate targetfile="${dist.classes.jar}">
                    <srcfiles dir="${build.classes.dir}" includes="**"/>
    <target name="-dist-classes-jar"
	    depends="init, -init-src-dirs, -dist-classes-jar-uptodate"
        <delete file="${dist.classes.jar}"/>
        <jar file="${dist.classes.jar}" basedir="${build.classes.dir}"/>

    <target name="-build-prep"
	    depends="init, -init-src-dirs, -drop-build-prep">

    <!-- Build (compilation) of sources to class files. -->
    <target name="build"
	    depends="init, -init-src-dirs, -build-prep">
        <javac fork="true"
            <compilerarg value="-J-Xbootclasspath/p:${javac.jar}"/>
            <compilerarg line="${javac.version.opt} ${javac.lint.opts} ${}"/>
            <src refid=""/>

    <!-- Test. (FIXME: Need to know how to run tests.) -->
    <target name="test"
	    depends="init, -init-src-dirs, dist">
        <echo message="FIXME: How do you run the tests"/>
    <!-- Populate source area if needed. -->
    <target name="source"
            depends="init, -init-src-dirs"
            description="Populate all source file directories">

    <!-- Populate drop_included area. -->
    <target name="drop_included"
            description="Populate all source file directories">
        <delete dir="${drop.included.dir}"/>
        <antcall target="source"/>
        <move file="${drop.expanded.dir}" tofile="${drop.included.dir}"/>
        <delete dir="${drop.included.dir}/bundles"/>

    <!-- Clean up compiled files. -->
    <target name="clean"
            description="Delete all generated files">
        <delete dir="${build.dir}"/>
        <delete dir="${dist.dir}"/>

    <!-- Clean up compiled files and all imported source files. -->
    <target name="clobber"
            description="Delete all generated files, including imported sources">
        <delete dir="${drop.expanded.dir}"/>

    <target name="-banner">
        <echo message="+---------------------------------------+"/>
        <echo message="+ Starting ant project ${} +"/>
        <echo message="+---------------------------------------+"/>
    <!-- Do everything but test. -->
    <target name="all"
	    depends="-banner, sanity, dist"
            description="Build everything.">
        <echo message="+---------------------------------------+"/>
        <echo message="+ Finishing ant project ${}"/>
        <echo message="+---------------------------------------+"/>