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4681995: Add support for large (> 4GB) zip/jar files Summary: The ZIP64 format support is added for > 4GB jar/zip files Reviewed-by: alanb, martin
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duke@0 32 Provides classes for reading and writing the standard ZIP and GZIP
duke@0 33 file formats. Also includes classes for compressing and decompressing
duke@0 34 data using the DEFLATE compression algorithm, which is used by the
duke@0 35 ZIP and GZIP file formats. Additionally, there are utility classes
duke@0 36 for computing the CRC-32 and Adler-32 checksums of arbitrary
duke@0 37 input streams.
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duke@0 39
duke@0 40 <h2>Package Specification</h2>
duke@0 41
duke@0 42 </a>
duke@0 43 <ul>
duke@0 44 <li><a href="">
duke@0 45 Info-ZIP Application Note 970311
duke@0 46 </a> - a detailed description of the Info-ZIP format upon which
duke@0 47 the <code></code> classes are based.
duke@0 48 <p>
sherman@1082 49 <a name="zip64">
sherman@1082 50 <li>An implementation may optionally support the ZIP64(tm) format extensions
sherman@1082 51 defined by the
sherman@1082 52 <a href="">
sherman@1082 53 PKWARE ZIP File Format Specification</a>. The ZIP64(tm) format extensions
sherman@1082 54 are used to overcome the size limitations of the original ZIP format.
sherman@1082 55 <p>
duke@0 56 <li><a href="">
duke@0 57 ZLIB Compressed Data Format Specification version 3.3</a>
duke@0 58 &nbsp;
duke@0 59 <a href="">
duke@0 60 (PostScript)</a>
duke@0 61 (RFC 1950)
duke@0 62 <p>
duke@0 63 <li><a href="">
duke@0 64 DEFLATE Compressed Data Format Specification version 1.3</a>
duke@0 65 &nbsp;
duke@0 66 <a href="">
duke@0 67 (PostScript)</a>
duke@0 68 (RFC 1951)
duke@0 69 <p>
duke@0 70 <li><a href="">
duke@0 71 GZIP file format specification version 4.3</a>
duke@0 72 &nbsp;
duke@0 73 <a href="">
duke@0 74 (PostScript)</a>
duke@0 75 (RFC 1952)
duke@0 76 <p>
duke@0 77 <li>CRC-32 checksum is described in RFC 1952 (above)
duke@0 78 <p>
duke@0 79 <li>Adler-32 checksum is described in RFC 1950 (above)
duke@0 80 </ul>
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duke@0 84 <h2>Related Documentation</h2>
duke@0 85
duke@0 86 For overviews, tutorials, examples, guides, and tool documentation, please see:
duke@0 87 <ul>
duke@0 88 <li><a href="">##### REFER TO NON-SPEC DOCUMENTATION HERE #####</a>
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duke@0 92 @since JDK1.1
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