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duke@0 1 README:
duke@0 2 This file should be located at the top of the jdk Mercurial repository.
duke@0 3
duke@0 4 See for more information about the OpenJDK.
duke@0 5
duke@0 6 Simple Build Instructions:
duke@0 7
duke@0 8 1. Download and install a JDK 6 from
duke@0 9
duke@0 10 Set the environment variable ALT_BOOTDIR to the location of this JDK 6.
duke@0 11
peterz@1709 12 2. Download and install the Binary Plugs for the most recent JDK7 from
duke@0 13
duke@0 14 Set the environment variable ALT_BINARY_PLUGS_PATH to the location of
duke@0 15 these binary plugs.
duke@0 16
peterz@1709 17 3. Either download and install the latest JDK7 from
duke@0 18, or build your own complete
duke@0 19 OpenJDK7 by using the top level Makefile in the OpenJDK Mercurial forest.
duke@0 20 Set the environment variable ALT_JDK_IMPORT_PATH to the location of
duke@0 21 this latest JDK7 or OpenJDK7 build.
duke@0 22
peterz@1709 23 4. Check the sanity of doing a build with the current machine:
duke@0 24 cd make && gnumake sanity
duke@0 25 See README-builds.html if you run into problems.
duke@0 26
peterz@1709 27 5. Do a partial build of the jdk:
duke@0 28 cd make && gnumake all
duke@0 29
peterz@1709 30 6. Construct the images:
duke@0 31 cd make && gnumake images
duke@0 32 The resulting JDK image should be found in build/*/j2sdk-image
duke@0 33
duke@0 34