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 * \file
 * \internal

#include "LETypes.h"
#include "LEFontInstance.h"
#include "OpenTypeTables.h"
#include "GlyphPositioningTables.h"
#include "ValueRecords.h"
#include "GlyphIterator.h"


// NOTE: ValueRecord has a variable size
struct PairValueRecord
    TTGlyphID     secondGlyph;
    ValueRecord valueRecord1;
//  ValueRecord valueRecord2;

struct PairSetTable
    le_uint16       pairValueCount;
    PairValueRecord pairValueRecordArray[ANY_NUMBER];
LE_VAR_ARRAY(PairSetTable, pairValueRecordArray)

struct PairPositioningSubtable : GlyphPositioningSubtable
    ValueFormat valueFormat1;
    ValueFormat valueFormat2;

    le_uint32  process(const LEReferenceTo<PairPositioningSubtable> &base, GlyphIterator *glyphIterator, const LEFontInstance *fontInstance, LEErrorCode &success) const;

struct PairPositioningFormat1Subtable : PairPositioningSubtable
    le_uint16   pairSetCount;
    Offset      pairSetTableOffsetArray[ANY_NUMBER];

    le_uint32  process(const LEReferenceTo<PairPositioningFormat1Subtable> &base, GlyphIterator *glyphIterator, const LEFontInstance *fontInstance, LEErrorCode &success) const;

    LEReferenceTo<PairValueRecord> findPairValueRecord(const LETableReference &base, TTGlyphID glyphID, const PairValueRecord *records,
        le_uint16 recordCount, le_uint16 recordSize, LEErrorCode &success) const;

LE_VAR_ARRAY(PairPositioningFormat1Subtable, pairSetTableOffsetArray)

// NOTE: ValueRecord has a variable size
struct Class2Record
    ValueRecord valueRecord1;
//  ValueRecord valurRecord2;

struct Class1Record
    Class2Record class2RecordArray[ANY_NUMBER];
LE_VAR_ARRAY(Class1Record, class2RecordArray)

struct PairPositioningFormat2Subtable : PairPositioningSubtable
    Offset       classDef1Offset;
    Offset       classDef2Offset;
    le_uint16    class1Count;
    le_uint16    class2Count;
    Class1Record class1RecordArray[ANY_NUMBER];

    le_uint32  process(const LEReferenceTo<PairPositioningFormat2Subtable> &base, GlyphIterator *glyphIterator, const LEFontInstance *fontInstance, LEErrorCode &success) const;
LE_VAR_ARRAY(PairPositioningFormat2Subtable, class1RecordArray)