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duke@0 1 Building the "langtools" workspace.
duke@0 2
duke@0 3 The "langtools" workspace can be built from the command line with Ant.
duke@0 4 The build file is make/build.xml, in conjunction with make/
duke@0 5 Some additional user-specific properties files are also read, to allow
duke@0 6 you to customize selected properties as needed.
duke@0 7
duke@0 8 Individual tools within the workspace can also be built and worked on
duke@0 9 with NetBeans, using the projects in the make/netbeans directory.
duke@0 10
duke@0 11 The "langtools" workspace can also be built from the command line with
duke@0 12 GNU Make, although the Makefile is simply a wrapper around the Ant
duke@0 13 build file. This is provided for systems (such as the full OpenJDK build)
duke@0 14 that expect to be able to build this workspace with GNU Make.
duke@0 15
duke@0 16 System Requirements:
duke@0 17 Ant: version 1.6.5 or later
duke@0 18 NetBeans: version 5.0 or later (optional)
duke@0 19 JDK: currently version 1.5.0, although 1.6.0 is recommended
duke@0 20 OS: any system supporting the above tools
duke@0 21
duke@0 22 For more information:
duke@0 23 Ant:
duke@0 24 GNU Make:
duke@0 25 NetBeans:
duke@0 26
duke@0 27
duke@0 28 Testing the "langtools" workspace.
duke@0 29
duke@0 30 The primary set of tests for the compiler is the compiler TCK. This
duke@0 31 tests that the compiler performs according to the specifications in
duke@0 32 JLS and JVMS.
duke@0 33
duke@0 34 In addition, there is a substantial collection of regression and unit
duke@0 35 tests for all the tools in the maain langtools test/ directory.
duke@0 36
duke@0 37 Finally, there is a small set of tests to do basic validation of a build
duke@0 38 of the langtools workspace for use by JDK. These tests check the contents
duke@0 39 of the dist/ directory generated by the build, and verify that the various
duke@0 40 tools can do basic "Hello World"-style processing. These tests should be
duke@0 41 run by jtreg, with the -jdk option set a version of JDK capable of running
duke@0 42 the default output of the javac compiler in this workspace. Currently,
duke@0 43 this means JDK 6 or better.