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#include "AccelGlyphCache.h"
#include "D3DContext.h"
#include "D3DResourceManager.h"

typedef enum {
} GlyphCacheType;

class D3DContext;
class D3DResource;

class D3DGlyphCache {
    // creates accel. glyph cache if it wasn't created, and the glyph
    // cache texure
    HRESULT Init(D3DContext *pCtx);
    // releases the glyph cache texture, invalidates the accel. glyph cache
    void    ReleaseDefPoolResources();
    // releases texture and deletes the accel. glyph cache

    // adds the glyph to the accel. glyph cache and uploads it into the glyph
    // cache texture
    HRESULT AddGlyph(GlyphInfo *glyph);

    GlyphCacheInfo* GetGlyphCache() { return pGlyphCache; }
    D3DResource* GetGlyphCacheTexture() { return pGlyphCacheRes; }

    // Note: only applicable to CACHE_LCD type of the cache
    // if the new rgb order doesn't match the current one, invalidates
    // the accel. glyph cache, also resets the current tileFormat
    HRESULT CheckGlyphCacheByteOrder(jboolean rgbOrder);

    HRESULT CreateInstance(D3DContext *pCtx,
                           GlyphCacheType gcType,
                           D3DGlyphCache **ppGlyphCache);

    D3DGlyphCache(GlyphCacheType gcType);

    D3DContext *pCtx;
    GlyphCacheType gcType;
    D3DResource *pGlyphCacheRes;
    GlyphCacheInfo *pGlyphCache;
    TileFormat tileFormat;
     * Relevant only for the CACHE_LCD cache type.
     * This value tracks the previous LCD rgbOrder setting, so if the rgbOrder
     * value has changed since the last time, it indicates that we need to
     * invalidate the cache, which may already store glyph images in the
     * reverse order.  Note that in most real world applications this value
     * will not change over the course of the application, but tests like
     * Font2DTest allow for changing the ordering at runtime, so we need to
     * handle that case.
    jboolean lastRGBOrder;