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8050804: (jdeps) Recommend supported API to replace use of JDK internal API Reviewed-by: dfuchs
author mchung
date Fri, 18 Jul 2014 10:43:41 -0700
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Usage: {0} <options> <classes...>\n\
use -h, -? or -help for a list of possible options

Usage: {0} <options> <classes...>\n\
where <classes> can be a pathname to a .class file, a directory, a JAR file,\n\
or a fully-qualified class name.  Possible options include:


\  -h -?        -help                 Print this usage message

\  -version                           Version information

\  -v           -verbose              Print all class level dependencies\n\
\                                     Equivalent to -verbose:class -filter:none.\n\
\  -verbose:package                   Print package-level dependencies excluding\n\
\                                     dependencies within the same package by default\n\
\  -verbose:class                     Print class-level dependencies excluding\n\
\                                     dependencies within the same package by default

\  -f <regex>   -filter <regex>       Filter dependences matching the given pattern\n\
\                                     If given multiple times, the last one will be used.\n\
\  -filter:package                    Filter dependences within the same package (default)\n\
\  -filter:archive                    Filter dependences within the same archive\n\
\  -filter:none                       No -filter:package and -filter:archive filtering\n\
\                                     Filtering specified via the -filter option still applies.

\  -s           -summary              Print dependency summary only

\  -p <pkgname> -package <pkgname>    Finds dependences matching the given package name\n\
\                                     (may be given multiple times)

\  -e <regex>   -regex <regex>        Finds dependences matching the given pattern\n\
\                                     (-p and -e are exclusive)

\  -include <regex>                   Restrict analysis to classes matching pattern\n\
\                                     This option filters the list of classes to\n\
\                                     be analyzed.  It can be used together with\n\
\                                     -p and -e which apply pattern to the dependences

\  -P           -profile              Show profile or the file containing a package

\  -cp <path>   -classpath <path>     Specify where to find class files

\  -R           -recursive            Recursively traverse all dependencies.\n\
\                                     The -R option implies -filter:none.  If -p, -e, -f\n\
\                                     option is specified, only the matching dependences\n\
\                                     are analyzed.

\  -apionly                           Restrict analysis to APIs i.e. dependences\n\
\                                     from the signature of public and protected\n\
\                                     members of public classes including field\n\
\                                     type, method parameter types, returned type,\n\
\                                     checked exception types etc

\  -dotoutput <dir>                   Destination directory for DOT file output

\  -jdkinternals                      Finds class-level dependences on JDK internal APIs.\n\
\                                     By default, it analyzes all classes on -classpath\n\
\                                     and input files unless -include option is specified.\n\
\                                     This option cannot be used with -p, -e and -s options.\n\
\                                     WARNING: JDK internal APIs may not be accessible in\n\
\                                     the next release.

\  -depth=<depth>                     Specify the depth of the transitive\n\
\                                     dependency analysis

err.unknown.option=unknown option: {0}
err.missing.arg=no value given for {0}
err.invalid.arg.for.option=invalid argument for option: {0}
err.option.after.class=option must be specified before classes: {0}
err.option.unsupported={0} not supported: {1}
err.profiles.msg=No profile information
err.invalid.path=invalid path: {0}
warn.invalid.arg=Invalid classname or pathname not exist: {0}
warn.split.package=package {0} defined in {1} {2}
JDK internal APIs are unsupported and private to JDK implementation that are\n\
subject to be removed or changed incompatibly and could break your application.\n\
Please modify your code to eliminate dependency on any JDK internal APIs.\n\
For the most recent update on JDK internal API replacements, please check:\n\

artifact.not.found=not found