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doclet.build_version=Standard Doclet version {0}
doclet.Window_Overview=Overview List
doclet.All_Packages=All Packages
doclet.Class_Hierarchy=Class Hierarchy
doclet.Window_Class_Hierarchy=Class Hierarchy
doclet.Interface_Hierarchy=Interface Hierarchy
doclet.Enum_Hierarchy=Enum Hierarchy
doclet.Annotation_Type_Hierarchy=Annotation Type Hierarchy
doclet.Prev_Class=PREV CLASS
doclet.Next_Class=NEXT CLASS
doclet.Prev_Package=PREV PACKAGE
doclet.Next_Package=NEXT PACKAGE
doclet.Prev_Letter=PREV LETTER
doclet.Next_Letter=NEXT LETTER
doclet.Show_Lists=SHOW LISTS
doclet.Hide_Lists=HIDE LISTS
doclet.Href_Class_Title=class in {0}
doclet.Href_Interface_Title=interface in {0}
doclet.Href_Annotation_Title=annotation in {0}
doclet.Href_Enum_Title=enum in {0}
doclet.Href_Type_Param_Title=type parameter in {0}
doclet.Href_Class_Or_Interface_Title=class or interface in {0}
doclet.navEnum=ENUM CONSTANTS
doclet.Skip_navigation_links=Skip navigation links
doclet.Factory_Method_Detail=Static Factory Method Detail
doclet.Deprecated_List=Deprecated List
doclet.Window_Deprecated_List=Deprecated List
doclet.Note_0_is_deprecated=Note: {0} is deprecated.
doclet.in_class=in class
doclet.0_Fields_and_Methods="{0}" Fields and Methods
doclet.Index_of_Fields_and_Methods=Index of Fields and Methods
doclet.Static_variable_in=Static variable in {0}
doclet.Variable_in=Variable in {0}
doclet.Constructor_for=Constructor for {0}
doclet.Static_method_in=Static method in {0}
doclet.Method_in=Method in {0}
doclet.MalformedURL=Malformed URL: {0}
doclet.File_error=Error reading file: {0}
doclet.URL_error=Error fetching URL: {0}
doclet.No_Package_Comment_File=For Package {0} Package.Comment file not found
doclet.No_Source_For_Class=Source information for class {0} not available.
doclet.see.class_or_package_not_found=Tag {0}: reference not found: {1}
doclet.see.class_or_package_not_accessible=Tag {0}: reference not accessible: {1}
doclet.see.malformed_tag=Tag {0}: Malformed: {1}
doclet.Inherited_API_Summary=Inherited API Summary
doclet.Deprecated_API=Deprecated API
doclet.Deprecated_Classes=Deprecated Classes
doclet.Deprecated_Enums=Deprecated Enums
doclet.Deprecated_Interfaces=Deprecated Interfaces
doclet.Deprecated_Exceptions=Deprecated Exceptions
doclet.Deprecated_Annotation_Types=Deprecated Annotation Types
doclet.Deprecated_Errors=Deprecated Errors
doclet.Deprecated_Fields=Deprecated Fields
doclet.Deprecated_Constructors=Deprecated Constructors
doclet.Deprecated_Methods=Deprecated Methods
doclet.Deprecated_Enum_Constants=Deprecated Enum Constants
doclet.Deprecated_Annotation_Type_Members=Deprecated Annotation Type Elements
doclet.deprecated_classes=deprecated classes
doclet.deprecated_enums=deprecated enums
doclet.deprecated_interfaces=deprecated interfaces
doclet.deprecated_exceptions=deprecated exceptions
doclet.deprecated_annotation_types=deprecated annotation types
doclet.deprecated_errors=deprecated errors
doclet.deprecated_fields=deprecated fields
doclet.deprecated_constructors=deprecated constructors
doclet.deprecated_methods=deprecated methods
doclet.deprecated_enum_constants=deprecated enum constants
doclet.deprecated_annotation_type_members=deprecated annotation type elements
doclet.Frame_Output=Frame Output
doclet.Docs_generated_by_Javadoc=Documentation generated by Javadoc.
doclet.Generated_Docs_Untitled=Generated Documentation (Untitled)
doclet.Other_Packages=Other Packages
doclet.Package_Description=Package {0} Description
doclet.Specified_By=Specified by:
doclet.in_interface=in interface
doclet.Subclasses=Direct Known Subclasses:
doclet.Subinterfaces=All Known Subinterfaces:
doclet.Implementing_Classes=All Known Implementing Classes:
doclet.Package_Hierarchies=Package Hierarchies:
doclet.Hierarchy_For_Package=Hierarchy For Package {0}
doclet.Source_Code=Source Code:
doclet.Hierarchy_For_All_Packages=Hierarchy For All Packages
doclet.Cannot_handle_no_packages=Cannot handle no packages.
doclet.Frame_Alert=Frame Alert
doclet.Overview-Member-Frame=Overview Member Frame
doclet.Frame_Warning_Message=This document is designed to be viewed using the frames feature. If you see this message, you are using a non-frame-capable web client.
doclet.No_Script_Message=JavaScript is disabled on your browser.
doclet.Non_Frame_Version=Non-frame version.
doclet.Frame_Version=Frame version
doclet.Link_To=Link to
doclet.Following_From_Class=Following copied from class: {0}
doclet.Following_From_Interface=Following copied from interface: {0}
doclet.Description_From_Interface=Description copied from interface:
doclet.Description_From_Class=Description copied from class:
doclet.Standard_doclet_invoked=Standard doclet invoked...
doclet.No_Non_Deprecated_Classes_To_Document=No non-deprecated classes found to document.
doclet.Interfaces_Italic=Interfaces (italic)
doclet.Enclosing_Class=Enclosing class:
doclet.Enclosing_Interface=Enclosing interface:
doclet.Window_Source_title=Source code
doclet.Help_title=API Help
doclet.Window_Help_title=API Help
doclet.Help_line_1=How This API Document Is Organized
doclet.Help_line_2=This API (Application Programming Interface) document has pages corresponding to the items in the navigation bar, described as follows.
doclet.Help_line_3=The {0} page is the front page of this API document and provides a list of all packages with a summary for each.  This page can also contain an overall description of the set of packages.
doclet.Help_line_4=Each package has a page that contains a list of its classes and interfaces, with a summary for each. This page can contain six categories:
doclet.Help_line_6=Each class, interface, nested class and nested interface has its own separate page. Each of these pages has three sections consisting of a class/interface description, summary tables, and detailed member descriptions:
doclet.Help_line_7=Class inheritance diagram
doclet.Help_line_8=Direct Subclasses
doclet.Help_line_9=All Known Subinterfaces
doclet.Help_line_10=All Known Implementing Classes
doclet.Help_line_11=Class/interface declaration
doclet.Help_line_12=Class/interface description
doclet.Help_line_13=Each summary entry contains the first sentence from the detailed description for that item. The summary entries are alphabetical, while the detailed descriptions are in the order they appear in the source code. This preserves the logical groupings established by the programmer.
doclet.Help_line_15=Each documented package, class and interface has its own Use page.  This page describes what packages, classes, methods, constructors and fields use any part of the given class or package. Given a class or interface A, its Use page includes subclasses of A, fields declared as A, methods that return A, and methods and constructors with parameters of type A.  You can access this page by first going to the package, class or interface, then clicking on the "Use" link in the navigation bar.
doclet.Help_line_16=Tree (Class Hierarchy)
doclet.Help_line_17_with_tree_link=There is a {0} page for all packages, plus a hierarchy for each package. Each hierarchy page contains a list of classes and a list of interfaces. The classes are organized by inheritance structure starting with <code>java.lang.Object</code>. The interfaces do not inherit from <code>java.lang.Object</code>.
doclet.Help_line_18=When viewing the Overview page, clicking on "Tree" displays the hierarchy for all packages.
doclet.Help_line_19=When viewing a particular package, class or interface page, clicking "Tree" displays the hierarchy for only that package.
doclet.Help_line_20_with_deprecated_api_link=The {0} page lists all of the API that have been deprecated. A deprecated API is not recommended for use, generally due to improvements, and a replacement API is usually given. Deprecated APIs may be removed in future implementations.
doclet.Help_line_22=The {0} contains an alphabetic list of all classes, interfaces, constructors, methods, and fields.
doclet.Help_line_24=These links take you to the next or previous class, interface, package, or related page.
doclet.Help_line_25=Frames/No Frames
doclet.Help_line_26=These links show and hide the HTML frames.  All pages are available with or without frames.
doclet.Help_line_27=Each serializable or externalizable class has a description of its serialization fields and methods. This information is of interest to re-implementors, not to developers using the API. While there is no link in the navigation bar, you can get to this information by going to any serialized class and clicking "Serialized Form" in the "See also" section of the class description.
doclet.Help_line_28=The <a href="constant-values.html">Constant Field Values</a> page lists the static final fields and their values.
doclet.Help_line_29=This help file applies to API documentation generated using the standard doclet.
doclet.Help_enum_line_1=Each enum has its own separate page with the following sections:
doclet.Help_enum_line_2=Enum declaration
doclet.Help_enum_line_3=Enum description
doclet.Help_annotation_type_line_1=Each annotation type has its own separate page with the following sections:
doclet.Help_annotation_type_line_2=Annotation Type declaration
doclet.Help_annotation_type_line_3=Annotation Type description
doclet.Style_line_1=Javadoc style sheet
doclet.Style_line_2=Define colors, fonts and other style attributes here to override the defaults
doclet.Style_line_3=Page background color
doclet.Style_line_4=Table colors
doclet.Style_line_5=Dark mauve
doclet.Style_line_6=Light mauve
doclet.Style_line_8=Font used in left-hand frame lists
doclet.Style_line_9=Example of smaller, sans-serif font in frames
doclet.Style_line_10=Navigation bar fonts and colors
doclet.Style_line_11=Dark Blue
doclet.Style_line_12=Table caption style
doclet.ClassUse_Packages.that.use.0=Packages that use {0} of {0} in {1} in {0} used by {1}
doclet.ClassUse_PackageAnnotation=Packages with annotations of type {0}
doclet.ClassUse_Annotation=Classes in {1} with annotations of type {0}
doclet.ClassUse_TypeParameter=Classes in {1} with type parameters of type {0}
doclet.ClassUse_MethodTypeParameter=Methods in {1} with type parameters of type {0}
doclet.ClassUse_FieldTypeParameter=Fields in {1} with type parameters of type {0}
doclet.ClassUse_FieldAnnotations=Fields in {1} with annotations of type {0}
doclet.ClassUse_MethodAnnotations=Methods in {1} with annotations of type {0}
doclet.ClassUse_MethodParameterAnnotations=Method parameters in {1} with annotations of type {0}
doclet.ClassUse_MethodReturnTypeParameter=Methods in {1} that return types with arguments of type {0}
doclet.ClassUse_Subclass=Subclasses of {0} in {1}
doclet.ClassUse_Subinterface=Subinterfaces of {0} in {1}
doclet.ClassUse_ImplementingClass=Classes in {1} that implement {0}
doclet.ClassUse_Field=Fields in {1} declared as {0}
doclet.ClassUse_MethodReturn=Methods in {1} that return {0}
doclet.ClassUse_MethodArgs=Methods in {1} with parameters of type {0}
doclet.ClassUse_MethodArgsTypeParameters=Method parameters in {1} with type arguments of type {0}
doclet.ClassUse_MethodThrows=Methods in {1} that throw {0}
doclet.ClassUse_ConstructorAnnotations=Constructors in {1} with annotations of type {0}
doclet.ClassUse_ConstructorParameterAnnotations=Constructor parameters in {1} with annotations of type {0}
doclet.ClassUse_ConstructorArgs=Constructors in {1} with parameters of type {0}
doclet.ClassUse_ConstructorArgsTypeParameters=Constructor parameters in {1} with type arguments of type {0}
doclet.ClassUse_ConstructorThrows=Constructors in {1} that throw {0}
doclet.ClassUse_No.usage.of.0=No usage of {0}
doclet.Window_ClassUse_Header=Uses of {0} {1}
doclet.ClassUse_Title=Uses of {0}<br>{1}
doclet.link_option_twice=Extern URL link option (link or linkoffline) used twice.
doclet.Error_in_packagelist=Error in using -group option: {0} {1}
doclet.Groupname_already_used=In -group option, groupname already used: {0}
doclet.Same_package_name_used=Package name format used twice: {0}
doclet.Serialization.Excluded_Class=Non-transient field {1} uses excluded class {0}.
doclet.Serialization.Nonexcluded_Class=Non-transient field {1} uses hidden, non-included class {0}.
doclet.usage=Provided by Standard doclet:\n\
  -d <directory>                    Destination directory for output files\n\
  -use                              Create class and package usage pages\n\
  -version                          Include @version paragraphs\n\
  -author                           Include @author paragraphs\n\
  -docfilessubdirs                  Recursively copy doc-file subdirectories\n\
  -splitindex                       Split index into one file per letter\n\
  -windowtitle <text>               Browser window title for the documenation\n\
  -doctitle <html-code>             Include title for the overview page\n\
  -header <html-code>               Include header text for each page\n\
  -footer <html-code>               Include footer text for each page\n\
  -top    <html-code>               Include top text for each page\n\
  -bottom <html-code>               Include bottom text for each page\n\
  -link <url>                       Create links to javadoc output at <url>\n\
  -linkoffline <url> <url2>         Link to docs at <url> using package list at <url2>\n\
  -excludedocfilessubdir <name1>:.. Exclude any doc-files subdirectories with given name.\n\
  -group <name> <p1>:<p2>..         Group specified packages together in overview page\n\
  -nocomment                        Supress description and tags, generate only declarations.\n\
  -nodeprecated                     Do not include @deprecated information\n\
  -noqualifier <name1>:<name2>:...  Exclude the list of qualifiers from the output.\n\
  -nosince                          Do not include @since information\n\
  -notimestamp                      Do not include hidden time stamp\n\
  -nodeprecatedlist                 Do not generate deprecated list\n\
  -notree                           Do not generate class hierarchy\n\
  -noindex                          Do not generate index\n\
  -nohelp                           Do not generate help link\n\
  -nonavbar                         Do not generate navigation bar\n\
  -serialwarn                       Generate warning about @serial tag\n\
  -tag <name>:<locations>:<header>  Specify single argument custom tags\n\
  -taglet                           The fully qualified name of Taglet to register\n\
  -tagletpath                       The path to Taglets\n\
  -charset <charset>                Charset for cross-platform viewing of generated documentation.\n\
  -helpfile <file>                  Include file that help link links to\n\
  -linksource                       Generate source in HTML\n\
  -sourcetab <tab length>           Specify the number of spaces each tab takes up in the source\n\
  -keywords                         Include HTML meta tags with package, class and member info\n\
  -stylesheetfile <path>            File to change style of the generated documentation\n\
  -docencoding <name>               Output encoding name