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duke@0 33 This package is implemented by a MIME-based package processor that
duke@0 34 enables the interpretation and creation of optimized binary data
duke@0 35 within an MIME-based package format.
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duke@0 37 <p>
duke@0 38 Soap MTOM[1], XOP([2][3]) and WS-I AP[4] standardize approaches to
duke@0 39 optimized transmission of binary datatypes as an attachment.
duke@0 40 To optimally support these standards within a message passing
duke@0 41 environment, this package enables an integrated solution between
duke@0 42 a MIME-based package processor and JAXB unmarshall/marshal processes.
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duke@0 44 <h2>Package Specification</h2>
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duke@0 46 <ul>
duke@0 47 <li><a href="">JAXB
duke@0 48 Specification</a>
duke@0 49 </ul>
duke@0 50
duke@0 51 <h2>Related Standards</h2>
duke@0 52
duke@0 53 <ul>
duke@0 54 <li><a href="">[1]SOAP Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism</a> </li>
duke@0 55 <li><a href="">[2]XML-binary Optimized Packaging</a></li>
duke@0 56 <li><a href="">[3]WS-I Attachments Profile Version 1.0.</a></li>
duke@0 57 <li><a href="">[4]Describing Media Content of Binary Data in XML</a></li>
duke@0 58 </ul>
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duke@0 61 @since JAXB 2.0
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