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1 #
2 # Copyright 2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
4 #
5 # This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
6 # under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 only, as
7 # published by the Free Software Foundation. Sun designates this
8 # particular file as subject to the "Classpath" exception as provided
9 # by Sun in the LICENSE file that accompanied this code.
10 #
11 # This code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
12 # ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
13 # FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License
14 # version 2 for more details (a copy is included in the LICENSE file that
15 # accompanied this code).
16 #
17 # You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License version
18 # 2 along with this work; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
19 # Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
20 #
21 # Please contact Sun Microsystems, Inc., 4150 Network Circle, Santa Clara,
22 # CA 95054 USA or visit if you need additional information or
23 # have any questions.
24 #
26 # the following properties are used by the http package
27 listener.parsingFailed=WSSERVLET11: failed to parse runtime descriptor: {0}
28 JAXRPCSERVLET11.diag.cause.1=WSRuntimeInfoParser cauld not parse sun-jaxws.xml runtime descriptor
29 WSSERVLET11.diag.check.1=Please check the sun-jaxws.xml file to make sure it is correct
30 WSSERVLET11.diag.cause.2=The sun-jaxws.xml runtime deployment descriptor may be missing
31 WSSERVLET11.diag.check.2=Please check the jaxrpc-ri.xml file to make sure it is present in the war file
34 JAX-WS context listener initializing
35 WSSERVLET12.diag.cause.1=Context listener starting
36 WSSERVLET12.diag.check.1=Normal web service startup
38 JAX-WS context listener destroyed
39 WSSERVLET13.diag.cause.1=Context listener shutdown
40 WSSERVLET13.diag.check.1=Normal web service shutdown
42 JAX-WS servlet initializing
43 WSSERVLET14.diag.cause.1=Web Services servlet starting up.
44 WSSERVLET14.diag.check.1=Normal Web Service deployment. Deployment of service complete.
46 JAX-WS servlet destroyed
47 WSSERVLET15.diag.cause.1=Web Services servlet shutdown.
48 WSSERVLET15.diag.check.1=Normal Web service undeployment. Undeployment complete.
50 servlet.warning.missingContextInformation=WSSERVLET16: missing context information
51 WSSERVLET16.diag.cause.1=The jaxrpc-ri.xml file may be missing from the war file
52 WSSERVLET16.diag.check.1=Unjar the service war file; check to see that the jaxrpc-ri-runtime.xml file is present
55 servlet.warning.duplicateEndpointName=WSSERVLET17: duplicate endpoint name
56 WSSERVLET17.diag.cause.1=Two or more endpoints with the same name where found in the jaxrpc-ri.xml runtime descriptor
57 WSSERVLET17.diag.check.1=Note that this may cause problems with service deployment
60 got empty request message
61 WSSERVLET18.diag.cause.1=Message sent by client is empty
62 WSSERVLET18.diag.check.1=This may or may not be intentional. If not examine client program for errors.
64 servlet.trace.gotRequestForEndpoint=WSSERVLET19: got request for endpoint: {0}
65 WSSERVLET19.diag.cause.1=Client request for this endpoint arrived
66 WSSERVLET19.diag.check.1=Informational message only. Normal operation.
68 servlet.error.noImplementorForEndpoint=WSSERVLET20: no implementor for endpoint: {0}
69 WSSERVLET20.diag.cause.1=Implementation for this service can not be found
70 WSSERVLET20.diag.check.1=Unzip the war, are the tie and serializer classes found?
72 servlet.trace.invokingImplementor=WSSERVLET21: invoking implementor: {0}
73 WSSERVLET21.diag.cause.1=The Web service is being invoked
74 WSSERVLET21.diag.check.1=Normal web service invocation.
76 servlet.error.noEndpointSpecified=WSSERVLET22: no endpoint specified
77 WSSERVLET22.diag.cause.1=A request was invoked with no endpoint
78 WSSERVLET22.diag.check.1=Set endpoint with stub.setTargetEndpoint property
80 servlet.error.noResponseMessage=WSSERVLET23: no response message
81 WSSERVLET23.diag.cause.1=The request generated no response from the service
82 WSSERVLET23.diag.check.1=If a response was expected, check that a request message was actually sent
83 WSSERVLET23.diag.cause.1=The request generated no response from the service
84 WSSERVLET23.diag.check.2=The request may be malformed and be accepted by the service, yet did not generate a response
86 servlet.trace.writingFaultResponse=WSSERVLET24: writing fault response
87 WSSERVLET24.diag.cause.1=SOAPFault message is being returned to the client.
88 WSSERVLET24.diag.check.1=Tracing message fault recorded.
90 servlet.trace.writingSuccessResponse=WSSERVLET25: writing success response
91 WSSERVLET25.diag.cause.1=SOAPMessage response is being returned to client
92 WSSERVLET25.diag.check.1=Tracing message, normal response.
94 servlet.warning.duplicateEndpointUrlPattern=WSSERVLET26: duplicate URL pattern in endpoint: {0}
95 WSSERVLET26.diag.cause.1=The endpoint URL is a duplicate
96 WSSERVLET26.diag.check.1=This may cause a problem, please remove duplicate endpoints
98 servlet.warning.ignoringImplicitUrlPattern=WSSERVLET27: unsupported implicit URL pattern in endpoint: {0}
99 WSSERVLET27.diag.cause.1=Implicit URLS are not supported in this realease
100 WSSERVLET27.diag.check.1=Remove the implicit URL
102 servlet.faultstring.missingPort=WSSERVLET28: Missing port information
103 WSSERVLET28.diag.cause.1=Target endpoint is null
104 WSSERVLET28.diag.check.1=Set target endpoint with stub.setTargetEndpoint() property.
106 servlet.faultstring.portNotFound=WSSERVLET29: Port not found ({0})
107 WSSERVLET29.diag.cause.1=A port is specified, but a corresponding service implementation is not found
108 WSSERVLET29.diag.check.1=Is the port valid? Unzip the war file and make sure the tie and serializers are present
110 servlet.faultstring.internalServerError=WSSERVLET30: Internal server error ({0})
111 WSSERVLET30.diag.cause.1=There was a server error processing the request
112 WSSERVLET30.diag.check.1=This could be due to a number of causes. Check the server log file for exceptions.
114 error.servlet.caughtThrowableWhileRecovering=WSSERVLET51: caught throwable while recovering from a previous exception: {0}
115 WSSERVLET51.diag.cause.1=Service processing of the request generated an exception; while attempting to return a SOAPPFaultMessage a thowable was again generated
116 WSSERVLET51.diag.check.1=Check the server.xml log file for exception information
118 error.servlet.caughtThrowable=WSSERVLET49: caught throwable: {0}
119 WSSERVLET49.diag.cause.1=Service processing of the request generated an exception; while attempting to return a SOAPFaultMessage a thowable was again generated
120 WSSERVLET49.diag.check.1=Check the server.xml log file for exception information
122 error.servlet.caughtThrowableInInit=WSSERVLET50: caught throwable during servlet initialization: {0}
123 WSSERVLET50.diag.cause.1=WS runtime sun-jaxws.xml or web.xml may be incorrect
124 WSSERVLET50.diag.check.1=Verify that sun-jaxws.xml and web.xml are correct in the service war file
125 WSSERVLET50.diag.cause.2=Application server deployment descriptors may be incorrect
126 WSSERVLET50.diag.check.2=Verify that Application server deployment descriptors are correct in the service war file
127 WSSERVLET50.diag.cause.3=There may some Application Server initialization problems
128 WSSERVLET50.diag.check.3=Check the server.xml file in the domain directory for failures
130 applying transformation with actual address: {0}
131 WSSERVLET31.diag.cause.1=Transformation being applied
132 WSSERVLET31.diag.check.1=Normal operation
134 generating WSDL for endpoint: {0}
135 WSSERVLET32.diag.cause.1=WSDL being generated
136 WSSERVLET32.diag.check.1=Normal Operation.
138 exception.cannotCreateTransformer=WSSERVLET33: cannot create transformer
139 WSSERVLET33.diag.cause.1=When publishing the service wsdl, the http location is patched with the deployed location/endpoint using XSLT transformation. The transformer could not be created to do the transformation.
140 WSSERVLET33.diag.check.1=There maybe a tranformation engine being used that is not compatible. Make sure you are using the correct transformer and version.
141 WSSERVLET33.diag.cause.2=When publishing the service wsdl, the http location is patched with the deployed location/endpoint using XSLT transformation. The transformer could not be created to do the transformation.
142 WSSERVLET33.diag.check.2=There maybe a tranformation engine may not be supported or compatible. Check the server.xml file for exceptions.
145 exception.transformationFailed=WSSERVLET34: transformation failed : {0}
146 WSSERVLET34.diag.cause.1=The location patching on the wsdl failed when attempting to transform.
147 WSSERVLET34.diag.check.1=Check the log file(s) for more detailed errors/exceptions.
149 exception.templateCreationFailed=WSSERVLET35: failed to create a template object
150 WSSERVLET35.diag.cause.1=A XSLT stylesheet template is create for the wsdl location patching using transformation. Template create failed.
151 WSSERVLET35.diag.check.1=An exception was thrown during creation of the template. View exception and stacktrace for more details.
153 servlet.html.method=WSSERVLET63: must use Post for this type of request
154 WSSERVLET63.diag.cause.1=Web service requests must use HTTP POST method: WSI BP 1.0
155 WSSERVLET63.diag.check.1=Make sure that your HTTP client is using POST requests, not GET requests
158 servlet.faultstring.invalidContentType=WSSERVLET64: Invalid Content-Type, text/xml required
159 WSSERVLET64.diag.cause.1=Web service requests must be a content type text/xml: WSI BP 1.0
160 WSSERVLET64.diag.check.1=Make sure the client request is using text/xml
162 error.implementorFactory.newInstanceFailed=WSSERVLET43: failed to instantiate service implementor for port \"{0}\"
163 WSSERVLET43.diag.cause.1=Instantiation of the web service failed.
164 WSSERVLET43.diag.check.1=Make sure web service is available and public. Examine exception for more details
166 error.implementorFactory.servantInitFailed=WSSERVLET44: failed to initialize the service implementor for port \"{0}\"
167 WSSERVLET44.diag.cause.1=The web service was instantiated, however, it could not be initialized
168 WSSERVLET44.diag.check.1=Check the exception for more details. Make sure all the configuration files are correct.
170 #not used by anything currently
171 servlet.faultstring.invalidSOAPAction=WSSERVLET65: Invalid Header SOAPAction required
172 WSSERVLET65.diag.cause.1=SOAP Action is required
173 WSSERVLET65.diag.check.1=Add SOAPAction and appropriate value
175 servlet.html.title= Web Services
176 servlet.html.title2=<h1>Web Services</h1>
177 servlet.html.noInfoAvailable=<p>No JAX-WS context information available.</p>
178 servlet.html.columnHeader.portName=Port Name
179 servlet.html.columnHeader.status=Status
180 servlet.html.columnHeader.information=Information
182 servlet.html.status.error=ERROR
183 servlet.html.information.table=<table border\='0'><tr><td>Address\:</td><td>{0}</td></tr><tr><td>WSDL\:</td><td><a href\="{3}">{3}</a></td></tr><tr><td>Port QName\:</td><td>{1}</td></tr><tr><td>Implementation class\:</td><td>{2}</td></tr></table>
184 servlet.html.notFound=<h1>404 Not Found: {0}</h1>
187 #
188 #
189 # all the following properties are used by the http/ea package
190 # these properties are not longer used as http/ea is no longer used
191 #
192 error.implementorFactory.noConfiguration=WSSERVLET36: no configuration specified
193 error.implementorFactory.noInputStream=WSSERVLET37: no configuration specified
194 error.implementorRegistry.unknownName=WSSERVLET38: unknown port name: {0}
195 error.implementorRegistry.cannotReadConfiguration=WSSERVLET39: cannot read configuration
196 error.implementorRegistry.classNotFound=WSSERVLET40: class not found: {0}
197 error.implementorRegistry.incompleteInformation=WSSERVLET41: configuration information is incomplete
198 error.implementorRegistry.duplicateName=WSSERVLET42: duplicate port name: {0}
200 error.implementorRegistry.fileNotFound=WSSERVLET45: file not found: {0}
201 error.wsdlPublisher.cannotReadConfiguration=WSSERVLET46: cannot read configuration
202 error.servlet.init.config.parameter.missing=WSSERVLET47: cannot find configuration parameter: \"{0}\"
203 error.servlet.init.config.fileNotFound=WSSERVLET48: config file: \"{0}\" not found
204 #
206 error.servlet.noImplementorForPort=WSSERVLET52: no implementor registered for port: {0}
207 error.servlet.noPortSpecified=WSSERVLET53: no port specified in HTTP POST request URL
208 error.servlet.noResponseWasProduced=WSSERVLET54: no response was produced (internal error)
209 #
210 info.servlet.gotEmptyRequestMessage=WSSERVLET55: got empty request message
211 info.servlet.initializing=WSSERVLET56: JAX-WS servlet: init
212 info.servlet.destroying=WSSERVLET57: JAX-WS servlet: destroy
213 #
214 trace.servlet.requestForPortNamed=WSSERVLET58: got request for port: {0}
215 trace.servlet.handingRequestOverToImplementor=WSSERVLET59: handing request over to implementor: {0}
216 trace.servlet.gotResponseFromImplementor=WSSERVLET60: got response from implementor: {0}
217 trace.servlet.writingFaultResponse=WSSERVLET61: writing fault response
218 trace.servlet.writingSuccessResponse=WSSERVLET62: writing success response
219 #
220 html.nonRootPage.title= Web Service
221 html.nonRootPage.body1= <p>A Web Service is installed at this URL.</p>
222 html.nonRootPage.body2= <p>Invalid request URI.</p><p>Please check your deployment information.</p>
223 html.nonRootPage.body3a= <p>Please refer to <a href=\'
224 html.nonRootPage.body3b= \'>this page</a> for information about the deployed services.</p>
225 html.wsdlPage.title= Web Service
226 html.wsdlPage.noWsdl=<p>No WSDL document available for publishing.</p><p>Please check your deployment information.</p>
227 html.rootPage.title= Web Service
228 html.rootPage.body1=<p>A Web Service is installed at this URL.</p>
229 html.rootPage.body2a=<p>It supports the following ports:
230 html.rootPage.body2b=</p>
231 html.rootPage.body3a=<p>A WSDL description of these ports is available <a href='
232 html.rootPage.body3b='>here.</a></p>
233 html.rootPage.body4=<p>This endpoint is incorrectly configured. Please check the location and contents of the configuration file.</p>