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API for programatic invocation of XJC and schemagen.

This package provides a way to invoke XJC from within another program.
The primarily target of this API is the JAX-WS RI, but we hope that
this API would be useful for other integration purposes as well.

<h2>Getting Started: Using XJC</h2>
To invoke XJC, a typical client would do something like this:
    SchemaCompiler sc = XJC.createSchemaCompiler();
    sc.parseSchema(new InputSource(schema1Url.toExternalForm()));
    sc.parseSchema(new InputSource(schema2Url.toExternalForm()));
    S2JModel model = sc.bind();
The bind operation causes XJC to do the bulk of the work, such as
figuring out what classes to generate, what methods/fields to generate, etc.
The obtained model contains useful introspective information about
how the binding was performed (such as relationship between XML types
and generated Java classes)

Once the model is obtained, generate the code into the file system as follows:
    JCodeModel cm = model.generateCode( null, ... ); FileCodeWriter(outputDir));

<h2>Implementation Note</h2>
This package shouldn't contain any implementation code.