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# Message resource file

CustomizationContextChecker.UnacknolwedgedCustomization = \
	Specified {0} customization is not used.

SchemaConstraintChecker.UnableToCheckCorrectness = \
    Unable to check the correctness of the schema due to OutOfMemoryError. \
    This typically happens when your schema contains constructs like maxOccurs="999". \
    In the future compilation, add the '-nv' option to skip the correctness check \
    for faster compilation. 

IncorrectNamespaceURIChecker.WarnIncorrectURI = \
	No JAXB customization was detected in the schema but the prefix "jaxb" is used for \
	other namespace URIs. If you did intend to use JAXB customization, make sure the namespace URI is "{0}"