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    Defines a set of annotations that can be used on TypedXmlWriter interfaces.

  <h3>Package-level Annotation</h3>
    {@link XmlNamespace} can be used on a package to designate the namespace URI for the
    whole package.

  <h3>Interface Annotation</h3>
    {@link XmlElement} can be used on TypedXmlWriter-derived interfaces to associate
    a tag name to that interface.

  <h3>Method Annotations</h3>
    {@link XmlElement}, {@link XmlAttribute}, or {@link XmlValue} can be used on a method
    declared on a TypedXmLWriter-derived interface. Those annotations are mutually-exclusive.
    See their javadoc for details. If none of the above three annotations are specified,
    {@link XmlElement} is assumed.