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This directory contains the source and the binary version of a Windows 
utility to remove all non-owner Access Control Entries from a given file.

The tool is used by regression tests in the following directories :-


The tests in these directories create password or ACL files that need to
be "secured" (meaning that only the owner should have access to the 

Both the source and the binary version are checked into SCCS. If
you require to make changes to the tool then you need to Visual
C++ to rebuild revokeall.exe after changing the source.

To rebuild the tool you need to setup your environment (by
calling the VC++ VCVARS32.BAT script), and then executing the 
following command :-

cl /mt revokeall.c advapi32.lib

This will generate revokeall.exe.

Note that a 32-bit version of revokeall.exe is checked into SCCS
- this 32-bit application is also used when running on 64-bit
versions of Windows (AMD64 and IA64).