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Switching to ASM6 release
author afedorch
date Fri, 29 Sep 2017 10:37:46 -0700
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<project name="JCov-dependencies" default="verify-dependencies" basedir=".">

    <property file=""/>

    <target name="compare-asm-checksum">
        <available file="${asm.jar}" property="asm.present"/>
        <fail unless="asm.present" message="Please, specify asm library"/>

        <checksum file="${asm.jar}" algorithm="sha1" property="${asm.checksum}" verifyproperty="asm.checksum.matches"/>
        <condition property="asm.checksum.differs">
            <equals arg1="${asm.checksum.matches}" arg2="false" />

    <target name="verify-asm" if="${asm.checksum.differs}" unless="" depends="compare-asm-checksum">
        <fail if="verify.strict" message="wrong checksum for ASM dependency"/>
        <echo message="warning: wrong checksum for ASM dependency" level="warning" />

    <target name="compare-asm-tree-checksum">
        <available file="${asm.tree.jar}" property="asm.tree.present"/>
        <fail unless="asm.tree.present" message="Please, specify asm-tree library"/>

        <checksum file="${asm.tree.jar}" algorithm="sha1" property="${asm.tree.checksum}" verifyproperty="asm.tree.checksum.matches"/>
        <condition property="asm.tree.checksum.differs">
            <equals arg1="${asm.tree.checksum.matches}" arg2="false" />

    <target name="verify-asm-tree" if="${asm.tree.checksum.differs}" unless="" depends="compare-asm-tree-checksum">
        <fail if="verify.strict" message="wrong checksum for ASM-tree dependency"/>
        <echo message="warning: wrong checksum for ASM-tree dependency" level="warning" />

    <target name="compare-asm-util-checksum">
        <available file="${asm.util.jar}" property="asm.util.present"/>
        <fail unless="asm.util.present" message="Please, specify asm-util library"/>

        <checksum file="${asm.util.jar}" algorithm="sha1" property="${asm.util.checksum}" verifyproperty="asm.util.checksum.matches"/>
        <condition property="asm.util.checksum.differs">
            <equals arg1="${asm.util.checksum.matches}" arg2="false" />

    <target name="verify-asm-util" if="${asm.util.checksum.differs}" unless="" depends="compare-asm-util-checksum">
        <fail if="verify.strict" message="wrong checksum for ASM-util dependency"/>
        <echo message="warning: wrong checksum for ASM-util dependency" level="warning" />

    <target name="verify-dependencies" depends="verify-asm, verify-asm-tree, verify-asm-util"/>