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Pad the Control.
author shade
date Thu, 21 Nov 2013 19:23:36 +0400
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files jmh-core/src/main/java/org/openjdk/jmh/logic/
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--- a/jmh-core/src/main/java/org/openjdk/jmh/logic/	Thu Nov 21 18:03:46 2013 +0400
+++ b/jmh-core/src/main/java/org/openjdk/jmh/logic/	Thu Nov 21 19:23:36 2013 +0400
@@ -34,7 +34,34 @@
  * WARNING: The API for this class is considered unstable, and can be changed without notice.
-public class Control {
+public class Control extends ControlL3 {
+class ControlL0 {
+    public int markerBegin;
+class ControlL1 extends ControlL0 {
+    private boolean p001, p002, p003, p004, p005, p006, p007, p008;
+    private boolean p011, p012, p013, p014, p015, p016, p017, p018;
+    private boolean p021, p022, p023, p024, p025, p026, p027, p028;
+    private boolean p031, p032, p033, p034, p035, p036, p037, p038;
+    private boolean p041, p042, p043, p044, p045, p046, p047, p048;
+    private boolean p051, p052, p053, p054, p055, p056, p057, p058;
+    private boolean p061, p062, p063, p064, p065, p066, p067, p068;
+    private boolean p071, p072, p073, p074, p075, p076, p077, p078;
+    private boolean p101, p102, p103, p104, p105, p106, p107, p108;
+    private boolean p111, p112, p113, p114, p115, p116, p117, p118;
+    private boolean p121, p122, p123, p124, p125, p126, p127, p128;
+    private boolean p131, p132, p133, p134, p135, p136, p137, p138;
+    private boolean p141, p142, p143, p144, p145, p146, p147, p148;
+    private boolean p151, p152, p153, p154, p155, p156, p157, p158;
+    private boolean p161, p162, p163, p164, p165, p166, p167, p168;
+    private boolean p171, p172, p173, p174, p175, p176, p177, p178;
+class ControlL2 extends ControlL1 {
     public void setup() {
@@ -56,5 +83,24 @@
      * Iteration time
     public volatile long iterationTime;
+class ControlL3 extends ControlL2 {
+    private boolean q001, q002, q003, q004, q005, q006, q007, q008;
+    private boolean q011, q012, q013, q014, q015, q016, q017, q018;
+    private boolean q021, q022, q023, q024, q025, q026, q027, q028;
+    private boolean q031, q032, q033, q034, q035, q036, q037, q038;
+    private boolean q041, q042, q043, q044, q045, q046, q047, q048;
+    private boolean q051, q052, q053, q054, q055, q056, q057, q058;
+    private boolean q061, q062, q063, q064, q065, q066, q067, q068;
+    private boolean q071, q072, q073, q074, q075, q076, q077, q078;
+    private boolean q101, q102, q103, q104, q105, q106, q107, q108;
+    private boolean q111, q112, q113, q114, q115, q116, q117, q118;
+    private boolean q121, q122, q123, q124, q125, q126, q127, q128;
+    private boolean q131, q132, q133, q134, q135, q136, q137, q138;
+    private boolean q141, q142, q143, q144, q145, q146, q147, q148;
+    private boolean q151, q152, q153, q154, q155, q156, q157, q158;
+    private boolean q161, q162, q163, q164, q165, q166, q167, q168;
+    private boolean q171, q172, q173, q174, q175, q176, q177, q178;