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Minor fix to KFL terminology in docs.
author bkurotsu
date Thu, 30 Apr 2015 12:31:11 -0600
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files src/com/sun/javatest/report/
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--- a/src/com/sun/javatest/report/	Thu Apr 30 10:25:36 2015 -0600
+++ b/src/com/sun/javatest/report/	Thu Apr 30 12:31:11 2015 -0600
@@ -112,13 +112,13 @@ Failure
 kfl.errors.notes=The tests listed are errors, but not listed on the known failures list.  This list is for informational purposes - the is no problem as far as the known failures list is concerned.
-kfl.errors.heading=Unrelated Errors
-kfl.errors.title=Unrelated Errors
-kfl.errors.summary=Unrelated Errors
+kfl.errors.heading=Unrelated Error
+kfl.errors.title=Unrelated Error
+kfl.errors.summary=Unrelated Error
 kfl.f2nr.summary=Missing (not run)
 kfl.f2nr.heading=Missing (not run)
-kfl.f2nr.title=KFL Failures Missing - Now report as Not Run
+kfl.f2nr.title=KFL Failures Missing - Now reported as Not Run
 kfl.f2nr.notes=The tests listed were failing but are now not being run.
 ## ---test cases
@@ -133,9 +133,9 @@
 kfl.tc_f2m.title=Known Failures - Failed Test Cases Now Missing
 kfl.tc_f2e.summary=Fail to Error
-kfl.tc_f2e.heading=Unexpected Test Case Errors
+kfl.tc_f2e.heading=Unexpected Test Case Error
 kfl.tc_f2e.notes=The test cases listed were expected failures which are now resulting in errors.
-kfl.tc_f2e.title=Known Failures - Unexpected Test Case Errors
+kfl.tc_f2e.title=Known Failures - Unexpected Test Case Error
 kfl.tc_new.notes=The test cases listed were not failing before but currently are.
 kfl.tc_new.heading=New Failures