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MERT-10176: NPE is not thrown at I2CCombinedMessage.appendXTest Summary: Added NULL check Reviewed-by: alkonsta
author snazarki
date Thu, 20 Aug 2015 19:34:57 +0300
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This file should be located at the root of the device-io OpenJDK Mercurial repository.

People unfamiliar with Mercurial should read the first few chapters of
  the Mercurial book:

Simple Build Instructions for the Raspberry Pi:

  The Device I/O build is currently supoorted as a cross-compile on a Linux x86 host for the Raspberry Pi.

  Required tools: Linaro GCC 4.7.2 ARM toolchain, JDK 8, GNU make 3.81 or newer

  export PI_TOOLS=<location of Linaro GCC tool install>
  export JAVA_HOME=<location of JDK8 install>

To make build for i386 cpu arch on x86-64 platform following flags need to be set:
   export USER_C_FLAGS="-march=$CPU_ARCH -m32"
   export USER_CXX_FLAGS="-march=$CPU_ARCH -m32"
   export USER_LD_FLAGS="-march=$CPU_ARCH -m32"

The resulting Device I/O library files should be found in build/jar and build/so