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8064923: [TESTBUG] jps doesn't display anything on embedded platforms and it causes some tests to fail Reviewed-by: egahlin, jbachorik
author ykantser
date Thu, 19 Mar 2015 09:01:44 +0100
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# This file identifies the root of the test-suite hierarchy.
# It also contains test-suite configuration information.

# The list of keywords supported in the entire test suite
keys=2d dnd i18n

# Tests that must run in othervm mode
othervm.dirs=java/awt java/beans javax/accessibility javax/imageio javax/sound javax/print javax/management com/sun/awt sun/awt sun/java2d sun/pisces javax/xml/jaxp/testng/validation

# Tests that cannot run concurrently
exclusiveAccess.dirs=java/rmi/Naming java/util/prefs sun/management/jmxremote sun/tools/jstatd sun/security/mscapi java/util/stream

# Group definitions
groups=TEST.groups [closed/TEST.groups]

# Tests using jtreg 4.1 b10 features
requiredVersion=4.1 b10