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// PrefetchQueue is a FIFO queue of variable length (currently 8).
// We need to examine the performance penalty of variable lengths.
// We may also want to split this into cpu dependant bits.

const int PREFETCH_QUEUE_SIZE  = 8;

class PrefetchQueue : public CHeapObj {
  oop*                         _prefetch_queue[PREFETCH_QUEUE_SIZE];
  unsigned int                 _prefetch_index;

  int length() { return PREFETCH_QUEUE_SIZE; }

  inline void clear() {
    for(int i=0; i<PREFETCH_QUEUE_SIZE; i++) {
      _prefetch_queue[i] = NULL;
    _prefetch_index = 0;

  inline oop* push_and_pop(oop* p) {
    Prefetch::write((*p)->mark_addr(), 0);
    // This prefetch is intended to make sure the size field of array
    // oops is in cache. It assumes the the object layout is
    // mark -> klass -> size, and that mark and klass are heapword
    // sized. If this should change, this prefetch will need updating!
    Prefetch::write((*p)->mark_addr() + (HeapWordSize*2), 0);
    _prefetch_queue[_prefetch_index++] = p;
    _prefetch_index &= (PREFETCH_QUEUE_SIZE-1);
    return _prefetch_queue[_prefetch_index];

  // Stores a NULL pointer in the pop'd location.
  inline oop* pop() {
    _prefetch_queue[_prefetch_index++] = NULL;
    _prefetch_index &= (PREFETCH_QUEUE_SIZE-1);
    return _prefetch_queue[_prefetch_index];