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# COMPONENT_NAME:  idl.parser
# Licensed Materials - Property of IBM
# 5639-D57 (C) COPYRIGHT International Business Machines Corp., 1997, 1999
# RMI-IIOP v1.0

# Translator:  Each line below is of the form "<key>=<message>".
#              The keys are NOT to be translated.
#              The messages ARE to be translated.
#              DO NOT translate the following:
#               ASCII
#               #else
#               #endif
#               IDL
#              %0, %1, etc. are postional parameters to the message.  Do not
#              translate these.  The number order is the order they are given to
#              the message writer.  It is OK to change their order in the message
#              if the language grammar so dictates.
#              Lines of the form "%0 (line %1):  <some message>\n%x\n%y" are error
#              messages:  %0 is a filename; %1 is a line number; %x is line %1 from
#              %0; %y is the error marker.  So the message comes out looking like:
#                  <filename> (line xxx): <some message>
#                  Line xxx from <filename> where the carat points to the error
#                                                     ^
#              So the first two and the last two parameters of these messages must
#              remain in their positions.
#              A backslash (\) at the end of a line is a line continuation
#              character.  A backslash at the beginning of a line means don't
#              ignore leading blanks (they normally are).  These backslashes
#              should remain in the message.
# Translator:  Start Translating

Compile.parsing=Parsing %0
Compile.parseDone=done  - %0
Compile.generating=Generating %0
Compile.genDone=done   -   %0
Deprecated.keyword=WARNING: Keyword `%0' is deprecated.
EvaluationException.1=Operands of %0 operator are inconsistent:  %1 and %2.
EvaluationException.2=Operand of %0 operator must be a number, not a %1.
EvaluationException.or=bitwise or
EvaluationException.xor=bitwise xor
EvaluationException.and=bitwise and
EvaluationException.left=left shift
EvaluationException.right=right shift
EvaluationException.pos=unary positive
EvaluationException.neg=unary negation
EvaluationException.not=bitwise not
EvaluationException.booleanNot=boolean not
EvaluationException.booleanAnd=boolean and
EvaluationException.booleanOr=boolean or
EvaluationException.notEqual=not equal
EvaluationException.greaterThan=greater than
EvaluationException.lessThan=less than
EvaluationException.greaterEqual=greater than or equal
EvaluationException.lessEqual=less than or equal
GenFileStream.1=%0 could not be generated:  %1
InvalidArgument.1=Invalid argument:  %0.
InvalidArgument.2=No IDL file was specified.
InvalidCharacter.1=%0 (line %1):  invalid character:  %2 (ASCII %3).\n%4\n%5
Migration.futureKeyword=WARNING: Identifier `%0' collides with a keyword; use an escaped identifier to ensure future compatibility.
Migration.keywordCollision=WARNING: Identifier `%0' collides with a keyword; use an escaped identifier to ensure future compatibility.
ParseException.abstractValueBox=%0 (line %1):  A value box cannot be declared abstract.\n%2\n%3
ParseException.alreadyDeclared=%0 (line %1):  %2 has already been declared.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.declNotInSameFile=%0 (line %1): %2 was declared previously in a forward declaration in file %3.\n%4\n%5
ParseException.alreadyDerived=%0 (line %1):  %2 has already been declared as a parent of %3.\n%4\n%5
ParseException.alreadyDefaulted=%0 (line %1):  The default branch has already been encountered.\n%2\n%3
ParseException.alreadyRaised=%0 (line %1):  %2 already specified in raises clause.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.attributeNotType=%0 (line %1):  %2 is an attribute.  It cannot be used as a type.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.badAbstract=%0 (line %1): The forward and actual declaration of %2 is inconsistent. One is abstract and the other is not.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.badCustom=%0 (line %1):  A forward value declaration cannot be declared custom.\n%2\n%3
ParseException.badRepIDAlreadyAssigned=%0 (line %1):  Type %2 has already been assigned a Repository ID in a previous ID pragma directive.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.badRepIDForm=%0 (line %1): Repository ID '%2' should have form '<format>:<string>'.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.badRepIDPrefix=%0 (line %1):  Interface %2 should have Repository ID prefix `%3', not '%4'.\n%5\n%6
ParseException.badState=%0 (line %1): %2 cannot be a stateful interface; it has more than one stateful parent.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.branchLabel=%0 (line %1):  case %2 has already been declared.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.branchName=%0 (line %1):  A branch named %2 has already been declared.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.duplicateInit=%0 (line %1):  An initializer has the same signature as a previous initializer.\n%2\n%3
ParseException.duplicateState=%0 (line %1):  The data member %2 has the same name as a previous data member.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.elseNoIf=%0 (line %1):  #else encountered without a matching #if.\n%2\n%3
ParseException.endNoIf=%0 (line %1):  #endif encountered without a matching #if.\n%2\n%3
ParseException.evaluation=%0 (line %1):  %2\n%3\n%4
ParseException.forwardEntry=%0 (line %1):  There is a forward reference to %2, but it is not defined.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.forwardedValueBox=%0 (line %1):  %2 has a forward declaration. A value box cannot be forward declared.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.forwardInheritance=%0 (line %1):  It is illegal for %2 to inherit from the incomplete forward declaration of %3.\n%4\n%5
ParseException.generic=%0 (line %1):  %2\n%3\n%4
ParseException.illegalArray=%0 (line %1):  An array is not a legal type in a %2.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.illegalException=%0 (line %1):  Exceptions cannot appear within %2s.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.invalidConst1=%0 (line %1):  Constant expression must be of type %2, not %3.\n%4\n%5
ParseException.invalidConst2=%0 (line %1):  Identifiers in constant expressions must be constants, not %2.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.keywordCollision=%0 (line %1):  Identifier `%2' collides with keyword; use escaped identifier if necessary.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.methodClash=%0 (line %1):  Method name clash in interface %2:  %3.\n%4\n%5
ParseException.moduleNotType=%0 (line %1):  %2 is a module.  It cannot be used as a type.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.nestedValueBox=%0 (line %1):  Value boxes cannot be nested.\n%2\n%3
ParseException.noDefault=%0 (line %1):  A default branch is not allowed when all possible cases are fully covered.\n%2\n%3
ParseException.nonAbstractParent=%0 (line %1):  The abstract interface %2 cannot inherit from the non-abstract interface %3.\n%4\n%5
ParseException.nonAbstractParent2=%0 (line %1):  The abstract value %2 cannot inherit from the non-abstract value %3.\n%4\n%5
ParseException.nonAbstractParent3=%0 (line %1):  The value %2 cannot inherit from the non-abstract value %3 as specified.\n%4\n%5
ParseException.notANumber=%0 (line %1):  A number was expected.  %2 is not a valid number.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.nothing=%0 is empty.  There is nothing to compile.
ParseException.notPosInt=%0 (line %1):  Expected a positive integer constant, not %2.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.oneway=%0 (line %1):  %2 is declared to be oneway.  Oneway methods must:  return void; have only in parameters; raise no exceptions.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.operationNotType=%0 (line %1): %2 is an operation.  It cannot be used as a type.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.outOfRange=%0 (line %1):  The value of the constant expression, %2, is out of range for type %3.\n%4\n%5
ParseException.recursive=%0 (line %1):  The only legal recursive definition is:  sequence<%2> %3.\n%4\n%5
ParseException.selfInherit=%0 (line %1):  %2 cannot inherit from itself.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.stringTooLong=%0 (line %1):  "%2" cannot be more than %3 characters long.\n%4\n%5
ParseException.syntax1=%0 (line %1):  Expected `%2'; encountered `%3'.\n%4\n%5
ParseException.syntax2=%0 (line %1):  Expected one of%2; encountered `%3'.\n%4\n%5
ParseException.unclosed=%0:  Unexpected end of file encountered in comment.
ParseException.undeclaredType=%0 (line %1):  %2 is an undeclared type.\n%3\n%4
ParseException.warning=%0 (line %1):  %2\n%3\n%4
ParseException.constExprType=%0 (line %1):  The type of the constant expression is %2, but it should be %3.\n%4\n%5
ParseException.wrongType=%0 (line %1):  The type of %2 is %3, but it should be %4.\n%5\n%6
ParseException.illegalIncompleteTypeReference=%0 (line %1): Illegal reference to incomplete forward declaration of type %2.\n%3\n%4
Preprocessor.unknown=Unknown preprocessor directive, `%0'.  Line ignored.
Preprocessor.unknownPragma=Unknown pragma `%0'.  Line ignored.
Preprocessor.undefinedName=Undefined type name for pragma %0:  %1.  Line ignored.
Token.boolLit=<boolean literal>
Token.charLit=<character literal>
Token.intLit=<integer literal>
Token.floatLit=<floating point literal>
Token.stringLit=<string literal>
Util.cantCreatePkg=Cannot create the package %0.
Version.product=IDL Parser Framework, version "%0"
default=Error!  A message was requested which does not exist.  The messages file does not contain the key: %0.

# Translator: In the list of options below, do not translate:
#             -i, -d, -keep, -emitAll, -noWarn, -v, -verbose, -version, #define
#             Do not translate the string "java"

usage=Compiler Usage:\n\
\ java [options] <idl file>\n\
where <idl file> is the name of a file containing IDL definitions, and\n\
[options] is any combination of the options listed below.  The options\n\
are optional and may appear in any order; <idl file> is required and\n\
must appear last.\n\
\ \n\
  -d <symbol>          This is equivalent to the following line in an\n\
\                     IDL file:  #define <symbol>\n\
  -emitAll             Emit all types, including those found in #included\n\
\                     files.\n\
  -i <include path>    By default, the current directory is scanned for\n\
\                     included files.  This option adds another directory.\n\
  -keep                If a file to be generated already exists, do not\n\
\                     overwrite it.  By default it is overwritten.\n\
  -noWarn              Suppress warnings.\n\
  -v, -verbose         Verbose mode.\n\
  -version             Display the version number.\n