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<P> Provides method implementations with 
 access to the identity of the object on which the 
 method was invoked. The <code>Current</code> package
 supports servants that implement multiple objects, 
 but can be used within the context of POA-dispatched 
 method invocations on any servant. To provide location 
 transparency, ORBs are required to support use of 
 <code>Current</code> in the context of both locally and remotely 
 invoked operations. An instance of <code>Current</code> can be 
 obtained by the application by issuing the 
 operation. Thereafter, it can be used within the 
 context of a method dispatched by the POA to obtain 
 the <code>POA</code> and <code>ObjectId</code> that identify the object on 
 which that operation was invoked.

<H3>Package Specification</H3>
<P>For a precise list of supported sections of official specifications with which 
the Java[tm] Platform, Standard Edition 6 ORB complies, see <A 
HREF="../../CORBA/doc-files/compliance.html">Official Specifications for CORBA 
support in Java[tm] SE 6</A>.
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