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# Copyright 2005-2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
# This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
# under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 only, as
# published by the Free Software Foundation.  Sun designates this
# particular file as subject to the "Classpath" exception as provided
# by Sun in the LICENSE file that accompanied this code.
# This code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
# ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
# FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License
# version 2 for more details (a copy is included in the LICENSE file that
# accompanied this code).
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License version
# 2 along with this work; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
# Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
# Please contact Sun Microsystems, Inc., 4150 Network Circle, Santa Clara,
# CA 95054 USA or visit if you need additional information or
# have any questions.

# COMPONENT_NAME: idl.toJava
# Licensed Materials - Property of IBM
# 5639-D57 (C) COPYRIGHT International Business Machines Corp. 1997, 1999
# RMI-IIOP v1.0
# Translator:  Each line below is of the form "<key>=<message>".
#              The keys are NOT to be translated.
#              The messages ARE to be translated.
#              DO NOT translate the following:
#               IBM
#               IDL
#               Java
#              %0 is a parameter to the message.  Do not translate it.
#              A backslash (\) at the end of a line is a line continuation
#              character.  A backslash at the beginning of a line means don't
#              ignore leading blanks (they normally are).  These backslashes
#              should remain in the message.
# Translator:  Start Translating
toJavaProlog1=\u7531 %0 \u751f\u6210
toJavaProlog2=\u6765\u81ea %0
PreEmit.indeterminateTypeInfo=\u65e0\u6cd5\u786e\u5b9a %0 \u7684\u7c7b\u578b\u4fe1\u606f\u3002
InterfaceGen.noImpl=\u672a\u627e\u5230 %0 \u7684\u672c\u5730\u5b9e\u73b0\u3002
Version.product=IDL-to-Java \u7f16\u8bd1\u5668\uff08\u53ef\u79fb\u690d\uff09\uff0c\u7248\u672c "%0"
NameModifier.InvalidChar=\u6a21\u5f0f\u5305\u542b\u65e0\u6548\u5b57\u7b26 %0
# Translator: In the list of options below, do not translate:
#             -d, -emitAll, -f, -i, -keep, -m, -sep, -pkgPrefix, -td, -v, -verbose, -version, -implbase
#             Do not translate the string "java"
\    java [\u9009\u9879] <idl \u6587\u4ef6>\n\
\u5176\u4e2d\uff0c<idl \u6587\u4ef6> \u662f\u5305\u542b IDL \u5b9a\u4e49\u7684\u6587\u4ef6\u7684\u540d\u79f0\uff0c\u800c\n\
[\u9009\u9879] \u662f\u4ee5\u4e0b\u6240\u5217\u9009\u9879\u7684\u4efb\u4e00\u7ec4\u5408\u3002\u8fd9\u4e9b\u9009\u9879\u662f\u53ef\u9009\u7684\n\
\u5e76\u4e14\u53ef\u4ee5\u4ee5\u4efb\u610f\u987a\u5e8f\u663e\u793a\uff1b<idl \u6587\u4ef6> \u662f\u5fc5\u987b\u7684\u5e76\u4e14\n\
\ \n\
-d <\u7b26\u53f7>                 \u7b49\u4ef7\u4e8e IDL \u6587\u4ef6\u4e2d\u7684\u4ee5\u4e0b\u884c\uff1a\n\
\                            #define <\u7b26\u53f7>\n\
-emitAll                  \u53d1\u51fa\u6240\u6709\u7c7b\u578b\uff0c\u5305\u62ec\u5728 #included \u6587\u4ef6\u4e2d\u627e\u5230\u7684\u90a3\u4e9b\u7c7b\u578b\u3002\n\
-f<\u7aef>                    \u5b9a\u4e49\u8981\u53d1\u51fa\u7684\u7ed1\u5b9a\u3002  <\u7aef> \u662f client\u3001\n\
\                          server\u3001all\u3001serverTIE \u548c allTIE \u4e2d\u4e4b\u4e00\u3002  serverTIE \u548c allTIE\n\
\                          \u5c06\u5bfc\u81f4\u53d1\u51fa\u59d4\u6258\u6a21\u578b\u6846\u67b6\u3002\u5982\u679c\u672a\u4f7f\u7528\u6b64\n\
\                          \u6807\u5fd7\uff0c\u5219\u5047\u8bbe\u4e3a -fclient\u3002\n\
-i <\u5305\u62ec\u8def\u5f84>             \u9ed8\u8ba4\u60c5\u51b5\u4e0b\uff0c\u641c\u7d22\u5f53\u524d\u76ee\u5f55\u4ee5\u83b7\u5f97\u5176\u6240\u5305\u542b\u7684\u6587\u4ef6\u3002\n\
\                          \u6b64\u9009\u9879\u5c06\u6dfb\u52a0\u5176\u4ed6\u76ee\u5f55\u3002\n\
-keep                     \u5982\u679c\u8981\u751f\u6210\u7684\u6587\u4ef6\u5df2\u5b58\u5728\uff0c\u5219\u4e0d\n\
\                          \u8986\u76d6\u5b83\u3002\u9ed8\u8ba4\u60c5\u51b5\u4e0b\u4f1a\u8986\u76d6\u8be5\u6587\u4ef6\u3002\n\
-noWarn                   \u6291\u5236\u8b66\u544a\u3002\n\
-oldImplBase              \u751f\u6210\u4e0e\u65e7\uff081.4 \u7248\u4e4b\u524d\uff09JDK ORB \u517c\u5bb9\u7684\u6846\u67b6\u3002\n\
-pkgPrefix <t> <\u524d\u7f00>     \u5728\u6587\u4ef6\u8303\u56f4\u5185\u9047\u5230\u7c7b\u578b\u6216\u6a21\u5757\u540d\u79f0 <t> \u65f6\uff0c\n\
\                          \u5c06\u4e3a\u9488\u5bf9 <t> \u6240\u751f\u6210\u7684\u6240\u6709\u6587\u4ef6\u7684 Java \u8f6f\u4ef6\u5305\u540d\u79f0\n\
\                          \u9644\u52a0 <\u524d\u7f00>\u3002\n\
-pkgTranslate <t> <pkg>   \u5728\u9047\u5230\u7c7b\u578b\u6216\u6a21\u5757\u540d\u79f0 <t> \u65f6\uff0c\n\
\                          \u5219\u5728\u751f\u6210\u7684 java \u8f6f\u4ef6\u5305\u4e2d\u4ee5 <pkg> \u5c06\u5176\u66ff\u6362\u3002\u8bf7\u6ce8\u610f\uff0c\n\
\                          \u9996\u5148\u8fdb\u884c pkgPrefix \u66f4\u6539\u3002  <t> \u5fc5\u987b\u4e0e\u5b8c\u6574\u7684\n\
\                          \u7684\u8f6f\u4ef6\u5305\u540d\u79f0\u5b8c\u5168\u4e00\u81f4\u3002\u53e6\u5916\uff0c<t> \u4e0d\u80fd\u4e3a\n\
\                          org\u3001org.omg \u6216 org.omg \u7684\u4efb\u4f55\u5b50\u5305\u3002\n\
-skeletonName <xxx%yyy>   \u6839\u636e\u6a21\u5f0f\u547d\u540d\u6846\u67b6\u3002\n\
\                          \u9ed8\u8ba4\u503c\u4e3a\uff1a\n\
\                          \u9002\u7528\u4e8e POA \u57fa\u7c7b\uff08-fserver \u6216 -fall\uff09\u7684 %POA\n\
\                          \u9002\u7528\u4e8e oldImplBase \u57fa\u7c7b\n\
\                          \uff08-oldImplBase \u548c [-fserver \u6216 -fall]\uff09\u7684 \uff05ImplBase\u3002\n\
-td <\u76ee\u5f55>                \u5c06 <\u76ee\u5f55> \u800c\u975e\n\
\                          \u5f53\u524d\u76ee\u5f55\u7528\u4f5c\u8f93\u51fa\u76ee\u5f55\u3002\n\
-tieName <xxx%yyy>        \u6839\u636e\u6a21\u5f0f\u547d\u540d tie\u3002\u9ed8\u8ba4\u503c\u4e3a\uff1a\n\
\                          \u9002\u7528\u4e8e POA tie\uff08-fserverTie \u6216 -fallTie\uff09\u7684 %POATie\n\
\                          \u9002\u7528\u4e8e oldImplBase tie\n\
\                          \uff08-oldImplBase \u548c [-fserverTie \u6216 -fallTie]\uff09\u7684 \uff05_Tie\u3002\n\
-v, -verbose              \u8be6\u7ec6\u6a21\u5f0f\u3002\n\
-version                  \u663e\u793a\u7248\u672c\u53f7\u5e76\u9000\u51fa\u3002\n